•The portal for the EDC exams is not owned by UNICAL.

EDC uses a software called SpeedExams. SpeedExam is an online exam software used to conduct assessments and quizzes.

•SpeedExams have security features that can detect malpractice. SpeedExam ensures prevention and intimation of cheating and malpractices during the online test. An instant notification is received by the admins upon any unusual activity detected and corrective action can be taken.

The online test platform gives smart web proctoring where invigilator can see and record live video of the test taker, if any unusual behaviour is found one can warn the candidate via live chat and pause or terminate the exam in extreme cases. The AI-powered system can also be instructed to auto terminate the exam if suspicious activity is detected.

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The admins can see current activity of candidates such as taking (live) completed, dropped exams with their number of attempts, device name, browser, operating system, ip address and location details.

Some Unusual behaviors that can be detected by the software are;
🔸Minimizing the browser
🔸Resizing the browser
🔸Opening a new tab
🔸Opening a new program
🔸Taking screenshots
🔸Pressing Control + C
🔸Pressing Control + V
🔸Pressing print screen
🔸Pressing f12

If one candidate is writing an exam and someone signs in with the same username and password and tries to take the exams, the Admins will be notified.

Before taking your exam, please read this carefully.

Before taking your exam, ensure you are in a place where you will not be disturbed.

Your answers are stored as you click any one, not at the end of the exam. That means you would not lose any work.

If the exam has a time limit, you will see a countdown timer at the top right corner your screen. If you run out of time, the exam would be finished automatically, and each answer will also be submitted for you so that you would not lose any work.

UNICAL GSS result link

Please do not use the “back” button of your browser as this will not work. To go back to the question, Please use the “Previous” button from your exam screen.


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