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Part 1: Electrification Projects – 750 Street Lights and 73 Transformers

“Every Leader must have Political Will and therefore, exhibit a willingness to commit precious time, energy, funds and political capital to achieve change, and must be prepared to take risks and to incur opportunity costs to that end.”

The quote above encapsulates the impactful leadership style of the frontline gubernatorial aspirant and Senator representing the good people of Southern Senatorial District, Distinguished Senator Gershom Henry Bassey. He has over the years displayed a knack for improving the lives of his constituents and Cross Riverians in general. We showcase here the giant strides he has made and is still making as Senator.

In this scorecard series, we begin with the Distinguished Senator’s Constituency projects of urban and rural electrification.


The Solar Street Lights were installed in the following streets:

  1. Odukpani LGA (Tinapa – Adiabo): Odukpani central road to Council, Okurikang junction, Akpak Okoyong, Esuk Eniong, Esuk Eki both by Edem Inyang.
  2. Akpabuyo Local Government Area: Ikot Abasi Effiom, Ikot Ndarake and Ikot Oyom Villages.
  3. Calabar South and Calabar Municipality in the following streets: White house, Hawkins Road, Mayne Avenue, Palm street,Chambly, Ekondo, Edgerly, Ambo, Bassey Duke, Atu, Asari Eso layout and Jehovah witness, Akai Efa and environs ,Atimbo B.) 73 TRANSFORMERS INSTALLATION AND CONNECTION TO THE GRID
    This laudable initiative of Sen. Gershom Bassey are sited in the following beneficiary communities:


  1. 500kva transformer – Akai village, Ishie Town.
  2. 33kva transformer – Ekpo Nsa street.
    3.500kva transformer – Garden street by Atakpa Police station.
  3. 300kva transformer – St Augustine Primary School, Ikot Omin.
  4. 500kva transformer – Akim Qua town
  5. 500kva transformer – Akim Qua town.
  6. 500kva transformer – Efut Musaha.
  7. 500/33kva transformer – Atimbo/ Abong Aseng village.
  8. 500kva transformer – Nkanib Qua clan, Ikot Ansa.
  9. 300kva transformer – Archibong Eso axis.
  10. 300kva transformer – Ikot Effa, Parliamentary axis.
  11. 500Kva transformer – Odo Edem and Edem Edet village along Idundum – MCC, Akai Efa.

Other communities are Akim by Etagbor/Ekong Etta, Akai Effa street after Orange resort, Agbor Ntoe Layout (Nkonib) Parliamentary extension, Satellite town/Obasanjo, Marian market, Ekpo Iso lane by Pyramid, Mammy market by 4miles, Atimbo/Navy.

Gershom BASSEY scorecard


  1. 300kva transformer – Bedwell by Goldie market area
  2. 300kva transformer – Abasi Obori axis.
  3. 300Kva transformer – Ebito/Atu Street.
  4. 500Kva transformer – Umo Edem community.
  5. 500Kva transformer – Inyang Ekeng street, Hawkins.
    6.500Kva transformer – Prisons Afokang community – Iman Ibesikpo and Eneobong.
  6. 500kva/33kva transformer – Efut Musaha lower Clan – Ebuka Ebuka market area.
  7. 500Kva transformer – Effio-awan/Ikeya.
  8. 500Kva transformer – Jebbs.
  9. 300Kva transformer – upper Ediba community, Ediba Qua town.

Other communities are White house by Hart street, Crutech quarters, Effanga Nsa/Obong palace, Ekpo Abasi/Crutech roundabout, Efioedem Marina Road, Palm street/Atu, Adak Ukor/Inyang street.

Gershom BASSEY scorecard


  1. 200kva transformer – Ayeabam Community.
  2. 200kva transformer – Camp 5 ,Aningeje.
  3. 300kva transformer – Aniking/Nsan Junction.
  4. 500Kva transformer – Awi Community.
  5. 500Kva transformer – Akampka town.
  6. 500Kva transformer – Camp 4,5 – Aningeje.
  7. 300Kva transformer – Oban ward, Akamkpa.


  1. CROSPIL Housing estate along Navy Road by Phase 2
  2. St. Joseph Hospital
  3. Idundun Efita
  4. Eto Mkpe Archibong Edem
  5. Ikot Edem Ndarake
    Esuk Ekpo Eyo Community.


  1. 300kva transformer – Abayong community.
  2. 300kva transformer – Ehem Community.
  3. 300Kva transformer – Akpet

Other communities are Abini village, Etono11, Big Iwuru, Ehom, Ipene in Erei North, Ugbem, Agwagune.


  1. Efut Ikot Eyo/Udua Inyang
  2. Ekene Esuk Udau inyang
  3. Natonda Ekanem Esin
  4. Ikot Ebok, Ikang


  1. Aaiah Obufa Okoyong community
  2. Edik Ukpa play ground Okurikang
  3. Ekong Atan village
  4. Akpap Okoyong village
  5. Obio Asim village
  6. Obom Itiat community.

These projects are still very alive and improving the lives of the good people of Southern Senatorial District.



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