The Dean of students’ affairs
The deputy director gss
The deputy director Edc

Opening prayers was led by a corrosive comrade, who opened the session for God to take control.

Opening Remarks;
The SUG president comr. Tyron Bassey appreciated the presence of faculty presidents, departmental presidents,class reps, malabites and malabresses Present who made time to come out in order to be given the privilege to air out their views based on their individual challenges.
After which the president opened the floor for questions and answers to be entertained.

Sunny,a student from the department of fisheries,complained that his Edc result has not been uploaded even after he wrote the exams.
The deputy director of Edc reacted to this question and said yesterday Edc results were uploaded in 7 departments and the centre is still working on that to ensure they proffer solution on the issue of result upload which a times these problems may be caused by students due to wrong email password,and he further said out of 40% students that wrote the supplementary many did not register for it.

4 Students asked why after they finished following the necessary steps of registration they were still affected of which the deputy director told them to come to his office so that issue can be resolved.

A student from the department of SLT and another from the department of oceanography asked why after they wrote the exams and did assessment they had F when the result was uploaded.
The deputy director reacted to this and said it’s true that students were given wrong grades as when the results came to the centre however,let the students who are directly involved write a letter to the centre demanding for correction of results and it will be done.

Meanwhile,a group of students also complained that after writing the exams, their result portal for EDC was indicating NR(No result)
The deputy director reacted by still telling them that they haven’t finished uploading results and that they will ensure all results are uploaded as soon as possible.

The Dean of Student’s affairs prof Tony Eyang expressed how he is delighted to be part of this interactive session,which they will ensure that solutions would be proffered to this effect.
He further said that a good number of students have paid fees but haven’t registered their courses online and the VC is so worried about this,he said the maximum credit load for returning students is 24 and so students who have carryover or dropped courses should ensure that they first register for those ones dropped by them before registering new courses.
However,the management have taken a decision that there won’t be supplementary exams again on account of students failing to register their courses,so they will learn to do things at the right time.
(The SUG would vindicate on this above statement).

The Dean gave room for students with diverse issues to ask questions on which area they need clarification and guide.

A female student from the department of SLT complained how they are exploited by paying so much for course registration and getting materials of which the Dean reacted to this by ensuring that investigations are carried out in the above mentioned department to this effect and he admonished students by telling them that the only place they can exercise their right is student affairs division.

Other students asked similar questions where after seeing their gss result and coming back to recheck it another different grade would be given to them different from the initial one.
Another set of students complained that after writing gss it was still indicating NR in their portal

The deputy director Gss Barr. Maxwell Eba reacted to the above questions and said all students with this problem should come to the centre for correction,and that his office is always open to all students.

Thereafter,the SUG president comrade Tyron Bassey commended the Dean of students affairs,the deputy director of Gss and Edc for carving out time to listen to students issues and ensuring that solutions are proffered immediately, he also appreciated all students leaders who made out time to be present and the entire students for putting much effort towards their voices been heard,he assured everyone that the Tyron Bassey led exco would not sleep until all these problems are been solved.

Closing prayer was conducted by another dogged malabress asking God to help us table all their problems to our dear vice chancellor.
The meeting came to a close at exactly 4:pm

Comr. Ofem Francis
SUG General Secretary


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