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President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in an indoor meeting with All the APC Governors in Nigeria

APC Governors


In photos is yours truly, His Excellency, the Governor of Cross River State, Senator Prince Otu, at the second-left, right end of the second row.

As we await the end result of this meeting, it is important to note emphatically that Cross River State in the scheme of National engagement must be encouraged by the Federal Government as she has shown a high level unflinching support and commitment to the growth of our very fragile unity as a nation.
Cross River State has unfortunately suffered some losses to ensure the peace and sovereignty of this nation as a federal state is maintained.

From the irreparable damage of the civil war, to the capital loss of the Bakassi Peninsula which has left a vast majority of people displaced without recourse to their well-being or any proper resettlement plan and very recently the loss of her 76 oil wells to Akwa Ibom State, which has rendered a littoral state such as Cross River State economically comatose, despite being fully surrounded by water and oil producing states, sad.

As our leader, Senator Bassey Otu, by divine arrangement as leader of the South South region, continues committedly to rounds of engagements to all and sundry on issues relating to our advancement as a state, it is important to properly socket Cross River State to the prosperity agenda of this administration.
The Federal Government must harken to our prayers, not just in the areas of key sensitive appointments but proper inclusiveness in their infrastructural and human capital development plan.
Our federal roads are nearly impassable and the only major corridor into the capital city of Calabar, the Calabar/Itu road, had long become a dead trap.
No single federal project, asides the moribund gas project in Odukpani, which would have naturally provided succor to that region.


Sen Prince Bassey Edet Otu Press Release to all Political Appointee And Others.

Otherwise, we have nothing as a state with the second lowest allocation to enjoy from our union as a country, amidst our over stretched patience.

Ordinarily, Cross River indigenes are widely very contented set of Nigerians but such rare divinely character of our people should not be taken for granted.

May Nigeria succeed.
May Cross River State be heard.

Andrea Ekeng Inyang
Ekpri Ikang, Bakassi.


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