Important Message from Unical DVC Academic

Unical DVC academic

1. Please be informed that since the portal has not been closed many students are still registering. Kindly keep the downloading of your attendance for each exam to the last 2 hours to the exam to accommodate those who are still registering. I do appreciate the inconvenience this will cause.

2. Yesterday exams was for year one students. Any year one student whose name was not in the attendance sheet and did not write exams should be advised to write for suspension of studies immediately. Portal for year one is closed. No new registered year one student will be given any exams after exams. Please note there will be no supplementary exams except for the real students who qualify for it not on account of no fee payment.

3. Please my dear HODs guide your students properly. Tell them the true position of things and save them unnecessary stress.

4. In summary, no year one student can rewrite any exams he missed on account of late registration or late payment of fees because they had no results to be uploaded before registration. Registration for year one is closed. Portal is only still open for returning students because of result issues

5. Your relief should be for only returning students not year one who are writing exams now. It’s the very reason why other exams are pushed to Thursday upwards to enable everyone register.


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