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Speaker Of The CRSHA, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem, Receives Award From Old School Boys,Class Of 96

Old school boys

Yesterday, The Honourable Speaker Of The Cross River State House Of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem , received an award of honour from his old school boys from Nde Community Secondary School in Ikom Local Government Area of Cross River State.

Old school boys in Ikom

The award was presented alongside encomiums and dissection of distinguished and very exceptional characters of the Honourable Speaker during his days in the secondary school, the award presented elated the Speaker both as the most exceptional student and the best achiever of the class of the 96th.

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The delegation spent quality time to expand the rare and outstanding performances of the Speaker and his passion to lead people. They noted that his love and service for humanity can be antecedentally traced as far back as 1996 where he had previously started building his leadership capacities from the four walls of his secondary school class rooms, they insisted that his proactive mindset had always placed him above his peers even in his early school days, adding that it is a natural gift from God and that peculiarity kept him at the leadership positions throughout his stay in school.

Ikom old school boys

According to the old school boys, “Veto Silva” as he was fondly called during his school days due to his naturally perfected sporting quality, especially in football which he played maradonically and led them to many victories against neighboring and far reaching schools, both in school games and state competitions, was a great leader who will never believe in impossibilities as he was always adamant about achieving his set goals and always envisages positivity in everything. One of the delegates mentioned that in all they had said, their visit will not be recorded a success if they fail to appreciate the Speaker’s supernatural ability to forgive his enemies before the sun went down and that the Speaker’s forgiving spirit is nothing but a divine blessing from the Almighty God.

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They informed the Speaker that they had created a formidable whatsapp group with intentions to unite everyone in the class of the 96th and provide a united front for the Speaker now and in the future.

Old school boys of ikom local government area

The Speaker on his part appreciated the team for their very kind gestures and expressed satisfaction at the idea of coming together often so as to really reflect on the beautiful memories of their early days.

“Who would have thought that I’ll be here today? I have very firm fond memories of my childhood days but I can tell you all that it was in our difficulties to advice each other and define the status of our energy that we channeled towards things that have today become inconsequential that surprisingly brought us to where we are today. Some of us are pastors, doctors, engineers and mighty politicians respectively but we didn’t know this phase of our lives will surface because we had our own designed dreams but here we are and I can boldly tell you all that we are accomplished ” he said.


The Honourable Speaker conclusively charged them to remain faithful, loving and caring to one another, pointing that many of their colleagues were already in their graves and that it was for a good purpose that they are still alive today, that it was necessary to be in contact with one another at all times. He promised on his part to simultaneously correlate his responsibility to them first as their Speaker and as their brother, and that he will do everything within his powers to play a pivotal role in the development of the state which will directly affect their well-being positively.

The meeting successfully ended with virtual prayers from one of the old boys who is now a powerful minister of God serving far from home, he declared the reunion a step to greater heights and achievements for all the old boys and they made a toast to progress,peace,long life and prosperity.

Austin Nkom.
Media Assistant To The Speaker,
Cross River State House Of Assembly.
Saturday, 9th July 2023.


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