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Cross river state 10th Assembly; Few things to note about it existence

C’River 10th Legislature: The People’s Assembly – Connecting the Dots

In the corridors of power, where policies that shape the course of governance stem from, few positions hold as much significance as the Speaker of the House in a State. In the vibrant Nigerian State of Cross River, Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem occupies this coveted position – the 10th Legislative Assembly Speaker. From the outset, the 10th Assembly under Ayambem’s stewardship, began its legislative business with a solemn promise to prioritise the yearnings and aspirations of the citizens, a pledge that earned the Assembly the moniker ‘The People’s Assembly,’ with its first few months acclaimed as a “good beginning.”

Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem’s vision of the 10th Assembly has been clearly defined: to superintend over an Assembly that truly represents the voice of the people. He believes firmly that the success of any legislative body hinges on its ability to empathize with the concerns, aspirations, and challenges confronting the citizens it represents.

One of the distinguishing attributes of the 10th Assembly is its emphasis on a seamless communication between lawmakers and their constituents. The 10th Assembly within its short period of existence has demonstrated a firm resolve to bridge the yawning gap between the political class and the ordinary citizens.

Rt. Hon. Ayambem has been instrumental in driving this people-centric approach. He has consistently encouraged fellow lawmakers to actively engage with their constituents, harping on responsiveness and accountability as critical characteristics of the social contract with the masses. The Speaker firmly believes that the success of the 10th Assembly lies in its members’ ability to be on ground and accessible to their various constituencies.

The 10th Assembly has proven its dedication to addressing the issues affecting the citizenry it serves. By closely aligning with the people, lawmakers have gained deeper insights into the teething challenges bothering various communities. This understanding has translated into legislation and policies aimed at uplifting the living standards of Cross Riverians and residents alike.

The 10th Assembly, by the Grace of God will continue in this fine fettle and even surpassing expectations, will be remembered for basing the aspirations of the people as its core, with Rt. Hon. Elvert Ayambem benignly leading the legislature to foster inter-governmental cooperation towards the betterment of the people, aligning with Gov. Otu’s administration agenda of “The People First.”

The Assembly, will continues on this positive trajectory of building bridges, fostering dialogue, and addressing the real issues faced by the citizens. As the journey continues, as the fulcrum of its ‘people-centric’ mantra, at the end of the legislative term, it will deservingly earned its rightful title as “The People’s Assembly.”

– Matthew Okache
Chief Press Secretary to the Hon. Speaker


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