UNICAL VC Addresses Students’ Withdrawal, Alleged Vengeance, And Proposed Fee Increase

Unical withdrawal list


On Wednesday, July 25, 2023, Professor Florence Obi, Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar (UNICAL), stated that the institution’s decision to withdraw hundreds of students was in accordance with its policies and had been approved by the Varsity Senate.

This was revealed by Professor Obi in the ‘One-on-One’ interview series, an exclusive interview segment on CrossRiverWatch.

She stated that those withdrawn were admitted during the academic year 2020–2021 and refuted claims that the withdrawal of admissions was directed at Hon. Elvert Ayambem, Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly.

In order to avoid any potential legal complications or problems, Professor Obi indicated that the list of withdrawn students was created from various departments and the action was approved by the Senate.

Other urgent issues brought up in the interview by Professor Obi were the firing of graduate assistants, the debate over the exam schedule, the payment of fees, late registration, infrastructure, and accusations of retaliation.

She also refuted accusations that she is a nasty and vengeful person, claiming that her emphasis on according to established procedures and laws has been misinterpreted.

She admitted that when she first took office, the system was in a mess, and she has since worked feverishly to fix it.


She also clarified why the hundreds of employees her predecessor hired have not yet been placed to the payroll.

She also spoke candidly about other topics, such as the new Students’ Loan Act and the cost of higher education, while announcing the institution’s plans to raise fees.


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