Austine Aidam: JP DEMOCRACY DAY A day for the people

Hon Austine Aidam: JP DEMOCRACY Day is not about politics but about the people-

The PDP flag bearer for AKAMKPA/BIASE Federal constituency, Hon Austine Aidam JP commemorates with the good people of Akamkpa and Biase on the occasion of 2022 democracy Day celebration

In a message made available to news Men, Hon Austine Aidam JP reiterated that Democracy literally means the power of the people thus it is not about politics; it is about people.

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According to Hon Austine Aidam JP, the people of Akamkpa/Biase irrespective of age range must do something different in order to get a different results in our Democratic process.

We must take the destiny of our Democratic journey into our hands and be responsible for it by registering for our PVCs and going out enmasse to vote credible and competent candidates in an election said Hon Austine

In furtherance, Hon. Austine Aidam JP urges the people most especially the younger generation to rise up and make positive sacrifices towards building Nigeria DEMOCRACY to the standard of the western world

The nation has been through ups and downs, thick and thin, rough and very rough, ugly and unpleasant, but we still hold onto the hope that the tomorrow will surely be better than today if we are all ready to make great sacrifices for the benefit of even the unborn generation he stated

He however emphasized that the essence of a truly democratic country is for us to have freedom and the liberty of fundamental human rights. But in order to get this right the good people of Akamkpa/Biase and Nigeria as a whole must vote Democrats into power in the forthcoming 2023 general elections

And Without the rule of law democracy will be a mirage likewise an exercise in futility hence the reason we need to collectively and collaboratively support the PDP to win at the state and national level come 2023 given that the rule of law was more visible during era of PDP led administration at the national and State level

He further admonishes the people that in all of the many challenges facing NIgeria today, theres still a silver lining at the walls and that is possible now with PDP; while calling on the people of Akamkpa)Biase to vote for only PDP at all levels of leadership positions because PDP is the only hope of good governance

In continuation, the house of representatives flag bearer thanked the leadership of the people’s Democratic party PDP at all levels for the peaceful and successful conduct of party primaries while calling on ASPIRANTS and supporters to accept the outcome of the exercise in the spirit of sportsmanship and overall Interest of the party

One nation, one vision, one identity, no nation is perfect, in unity we shall stand stronger forever and In the face of all odds and circumstances, we will bask in the glory of our fatherland.

Our future is so vibrant and full of colours. I hope you can see it because I can.

Long Live Akamkpa/Biase
Long Live Cross River State
Long Live Nigeria

Hon Austine Aidam JP


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