Comr. Dan Obo Jr. Achievements as the Chairman of the NYCN CRS Chapter.

Comr. Dan Obo Jr. is the current Special Adviser to the Governor on Youth Mobilization and the transiting Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Cross River State. He has served for four years under the administration of Sen. Ben Ayade.

Dan Obo, who has gotten lots of accolades and blame during his administration, has called for a media briefing to clear the air on his achievements and the issues he faces regarding his tenure and to brief the public regarding his successor in the next NYCN CRS chairmanship election.

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Below are Dan Obo Jr.’s achievements as chairman of the NYCN CRS Chapter and other crises he faced while serving.
1. The NYCN SUBVENTION has increased from 5M to 10M.

2. The NYCN CRS now has an office space, which for years since the existence of the NYCN CRS has never gotten an office space to call its own, but with my administration today, my successor can easily take his bath and tell someone I am going to the office, or any organized meeting to meet with him will not be on the street or in a drinking parlor; rather, he or she can easily direct them to his office, which builds respect and comfortability while discussing issues in his office.

3. The creation of the state youth parliament was done during my administration. knowing that other states are doing well with such platforms to groom the young ones on parliamentarian norms and leadership. And I stood strong and initiated that platform in Cross River State. The first youth parliament speaker was Gideon, who was succeeded by Victor Kajuo.

4. Today, the youth council leadership structure is across all wards in the state, over 196 council wards.

5. As I speak, during my administration, we have been able to key in NYCN CRS into government programs. This is a process to groom leaders from the NYCN to a national level of leadership.

6. Today, Cross River State has the opportunity to earn the title of Best Chairman of the Country, which my administration merited. Myself, Dan Obo Jr., is the best chairman of NYcN in Nigeria.

7. It is noted that the NYCN Chairman, in his four years of tenure, doesn’t end a salary. There’s nothing wrong with going for an elective position; that’s why my administration has created the ability of a youth council leader to be able to serve in any other political office without resigning.

Dan Obo Jr. . stated aspects he’s not proud of while in office, which are:
The total disregard for our generation
The inability of leaders to mentor the next generation is due to the fact that our leaders are not elected by the people, and the young ones also need to be willing to be mentored.


Today, the existing governor isn’t a bribery scenario but a true leader chosen by the citizens who’s today serving the people with the mantra “the people first.”

Dan Obo Jr. Clear out the age and membership of the Youth Council.
He further stated that it’s broad to say that you can’t be a member of the council when you are not a member of the organization.
The age bracket is common, which is 35 years, but in CRS, that’s not an issue as no challenge has been recorded in that aspect.

Dan Obo explains that it will be an insult to think that its administration is an appendix to the government. All political aspirants came to the office to seek the support of the youth council, and criteria were keyed down, mostly having a young person as deputy, which today APC has fulfilled.

He further explained the importance of due process that occurred during the electoral session of becoming a candidate for NYCN CRS Chairman on the aspect of consultation and buying of forms, and that today every step taken by the recent candidates is being done by him during his time of running for the NYCN Chairman election.

Regarding choosing his successor, his crime was refusing to do the wrong thing. Dan Obo Jr.

There’s so much desperation over who will succeed him as the next chairman of the NYCN CRS chapter. He said if the government has a candidate to succeed him, he should have been aware, remembering the fact that people say his administration is a government appendix. Therefore, a lot is happening regarding who will succeed him as NYCN CRS Chairman.

Its clear to state it out that the governor has no candidate, and if there’s any, as the Special Adviser Youth Mobilization and a transiting chairman, I should have been the first to know such a candidate, which I am boldly stating that there’s none. But


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