Prince Bassey Otu Agenda; Few among others you must Know

Prince Bassey Otu Agenda is for everyone.

As His Excellency, Sen. Prince Bassey Otu, the Governor of Cross River State is set to embark on implementation of projects in the state Such as.

1. Establishment of a Cross River State Diaspora Agency.

2. Establishment of a Faculty of Medicine in the State-owned University of Cross River.

How To Check Unicross Admission Status.

3. Establishment and take-off of the Cross River State Agricultural Development Fund (Project Grow)

4. The retrofitting of street lights along the Calabar Festival/Carnival routes with solar LED lighting system;

calabar street light

5. The rehabilitation of traffic lights across major roads in the Calabar Metropolis;

6. The renovation of the State Judiciary headquarters building and the Moore Road Multi-Court Building;

7. The rehabilitation of the Parliamentary Extension Dual Carriage road from Effio-Ette Roundabout to Technical Junction;

Renovated technical roundabout

8. The rehabilitation of other dilapidated roads across the Calabar Metropolis.

Road maintenance in calabar metropolis

I hereby call on all Cross Riverians to rise up and take ownership of whatever project the State Government is bringing to your locality via Prince Bassey Otu Agenda, as this will spur up the Governor to bring more development across the nooks and corner of the State down to the hinterland.

“Ownership is not limited to material things. It can also apply to points of view. Once we take ownership of an idea – whether it’s about politics or sports – what do we do? We love it perhaps more than we should. We prize it more than it is worth. And most frequently, we have trouble letting go of it because we can’t stand the idea of it loss. What are we left with then? An ideology – rigid and unyielding.” Dan Ariely

When you destroy Government investment and other initiatives in your area in the name of Communal Crises, Boundary Disputes and Juvenile Delinquency, you destroy yourself and your future. Because ideally, the Governor is not the beneficiary of any such projects brought to your community. Rather, you and your people are the greatest beneficiaries of such projects. Until you take ownership, you will keep destroying sincere Government effort to attract development to your community.

While you are still thinking whether the Governor will deliver on his campaign promises or not, the Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Bassey Otu sees the project in the state initiated by his administration as a way of showing gratitude to the people for their support for the All Progressive’s Congress party during the elections. Listen to the Governor.

“It is unfortunate that politicians go round every election circle to canvass for votes and after election, there is no effort to return to the people to show appreciation.” Gov.Otu Stating further, adding that projects in the state simply to say ‘thank you’ for all the support of the people.

His Excellency Sen. Bassey otu, the Governor of Cross River State is a promise keeper. Be rest assured that significant Government presence shall be felt in all the Local Government Areas within Cross river State. Perhaps, first of its kind in the history of governance in Cross River State.

Cross River State is absolutely in safe hands. The Governor of Cross River State has the capacity, depth and above all, integrity to deliver on all his campaign promises. During the campaigns, I remembered telling everyone that cared to listen through my articles that Sen . Bassey Otu meant business as he is not the normal politician who goes about deceiving the people for votes and disappeared into the thin air. The Governor is a man of Compassion, very humane in his usual characteristics and accommodating. He is vehemently ready for governance. The much anticipated golden era is here and we are fortunate to be a part of the golden movement in this historical golden era.

Please let us join our hands and support the Governor to succeed in his determination to attract corresponding dividends of Democracy to our various communities.

  1. Season of Sweetness, that same God.is with Prince Bassey Otu Agenda

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