Rt Hon Eteng Jones Williams as Speaker speaks everybody’s language, both young and old.

Talk about one political office holder whose office is easily accessible to anybody irrespective of class, it is the Speaker of the CRSHA office.

Jones as the number 3 man in Cross River State has demonstrated humility in several instances. Jones won’t walk pass you so long as he knows you or has come across you before.

When life happens, Jones is always readily available to sympathize with you and when fortune smiles at you, he has always been the first to make merry with you.

In the Cross River State House of Assembly where he seats as Speaker, he has been a reliable friend to his colleagues irrespective of Party. They called him ‘Open policy Speaker’ because he makes available what is due to everybody.

As Speaker, he has ensured that both the Executive and the legislative arm of government maintain a cordial working relationship.

Eteng has the legislative experience to represent the people of Central at the Senate. As Senator, he will leverage on his contacts and experience while as Speaker to lobby for employment opportunities, projects and other dividends for his people.

Jones is teachable, unassuming and unlike most leaders of his statues, where and when he is wrong, he acknowledges and apologize.

Because he has always Stood by US, supported US and acknowledge our contributions, I dare say Jones is one of US.

Jones will not jones us as Senator, no he won’t.


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