Vital information to note about the new electoral act!!!

You should note and know the following:

  1. No manual accreditation.
  2. No use of incident forms.
  3. All accreditation is electronic.
  4. Accreditation is Bimodal meaning facial recognition and finger printing.
  5. No pre-election cases after conclusion of Elections..
  6. No election cases after swearing into office of the winner.
  7. All results must be uploaded to INEC official website at the polling units before taking it to the ward, constituency,LGA or state collation center.
  8. If the number of votes cast is more than the accredited voters the polling unit result is cancelled.
  9. No more agreement between parties to share the remaining ballot papers that were not used.

No more massive thump printing and stuffing of ballot boxes. If you like go and steal ballot boxes you are wasting your time. You cannot change the result.

Go and get your PVC ready, because your vote will count.
Do have a wonderful day


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