AFTER PRIMARIES WHAT NEXT?: Cross Riverians Decide Now!!!- by Cynthia Maduekwe

After Primaries What Next?:CROSS RIVERIANS DECIDE NOW !!! – by Cynthia Maduekwe

It’s unfortunate that youth have lost the spirit of sportsmanship in politics due to desperation for either power or easy riches as they feel it’s the only get rich quick scheme.

Calabar, The Capital of Cross River State holding 18 LGA was the First Federal Capital Territory(FCT) of Nigeria where great philosophers, scientist/technologist, researchers & tourist toured around most especially at CapeTown. During this period, Mary Slessor became one of the heros/Heroines who stopped the killing of twins. The motto is “The People Paradise”.

In 2007, a lot of infrastructure creative changes/development were carried out by H.E. Donald Duke. Such changes include; The 1st Christmas Carnival Festival, Obudu Cattle Ranch Tour with Cable Car Ride, Tinapa & Marina Resort Cruise, Drill Ranch Zoo Display, Kwa Fall serene & lots more interesting recreational facilities & activities. As at that time, CRS was the top tourist center.

Eleanor Roosevelt asserted “When you give joy to other people, you get more joy in return…You should give a good thought to happiness that you can give out”.

Presently serving is H.E Prof. Ben Ayade who has been on the seat for 2 tenors.

Michelle Obama reminded that “You can’t make decisions based on fear and possiblity of what might happen”.

Cross River State needs to Decide Now! The question still stands AFTER PRIMARIES WHAT NEXT? Which of them do you think is capable to translate vision into reality? What’s the wayforward? Who shall bring back the gainful smile of the people from this painful miles?

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Remember, Decision is a choice or an official/legal judgement you make after thinking and talking about what’s the best thing to do also it’s the ability/process to decide someone clearly & quickly. To Decide means to think carefully about the different possibilities that are available and choose one of them. Deciding means to affect the result of somebody or something. It’s also to be the reason why someone does something.

The PDP & APC Primaries have been successfully conducted and carried out from Thursday, 26th May 2022 with the following elected candidates from delicated delegates for the various positions representing the parties. The picture shows it all.

Distinguished Cross Riverians, it’s left for you to VOTE WISELY for the right man with positive qualities to pilot relevance and intellectually create/develop more awareness, innovations & wayforward to this beloved State at large.

The time is right to do what’s right through passion and zeal to bring back our lost CRS and make it productivity through establishing a responsive platform for Residents of Cross River State and People who are from Cross River State to decide who’ll be the next leader come 2023.

Lastly, it’s all about having & possessing “Confidence that’s Contagious”.


Written, Published & Reported by CYNTHIA MADUEKWE (Premium Content Developer) on Monday, 30th May 2021 by 7.00AM at Calabar, Cross River State.


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