All About The 3 Types Of People On Earth

*Unless you understand your role in society, you can never make any meaningful contribution. *

According to the Greeks there are three types of people on earth,

  • the idiots,
  • the tribesmen, and
  • the citizens.

Studies show only 10% of Africans are citizens.
The remaining 90% are either tribesmen or idiots.

  1. When the Greeks used the word “idiot”, they did not use it as a curse word.
    Idiots are people who just don’t care.
    If they write exams, they will cheat.
    If they are in government they will steal.
    An idiot does not care at all, if he eats bananas he throws the peels anywhere instead of putting them in a trash bin.

IDIOTS won’t attend monthly neighborhood meetings. They won’t pay security dues. They won’t contribute to community development. Even when they see or know about something that will harm others in the community they won’t report it. When they see/know/have something that will benefit their community they won’t share. Infact, Idiots don’t care to register for or vote in an election yet they complain the most. If they register to vote, IDIOTS will sell their votes for peanuts.

According to the Greeks, some societies have more idiots than tribesmen and citizens.

  1. The next set of people are tribesmen, these are people that look at everything from the point of view of their tribe.

These are people that believe in you only if you are part of their tribe.
It can be terrible to have a tribesman as a leader, he will alienate the rest.

When the Greeks talk about tribes, it’s not just about ethnicity, they also consider religion as a tribe.
A great percentage of Africans are tribesmen, because they view everything from the point of view of their tribes.
They trust only their tribesmen.

  1. The last group are citizens.
    These are people that like to do things the right way.
    They will respect traffic light rules even if no one is watching them.
    They drive within speed limits.
    They respect the laws, won’t cheat in exams.
    In government they won’t steal.
    They are compassionate and give to others to promote their wellbeing.

Citizens often promote projects that benefit everyone.
*The Greeks called this group the citizens. *

Some countries have more citizens than tribesmen and idiots.
Others have so many idiots.

A tribesman can become a citizen through orientation.
And an idiot can become a citizen by training and constant enforcement of the law.

But things fall apart if you elect an idiot or tribesman to lead you if he has not been reformed.

*Where do you belong?Are you an idiot, a tribesman or a citizen ? *

Reflect about your life.



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