2022 World Cancer Day: “Cross River State Closing the Gap On Awareness And Care”——Dr Janet Ekpenyong

2022 World Cancer Day: “Cross River State Closing the Gap On Awareness And Care”

February 4th every year is set aside to mark World Cancer Day, basically to boost research, Raise Awareness and promote improve survival chances of victims.

With this year’s theme Christened ” Close the Care Gap”, stakeholders in the Cross River State Health sectors says the state’s profiling of Cancer bound patients remains unmatched owing to the diagnostical and chemotherapeutic attention offered to them.

Director General of the Cross River State Primary Healthcare Development Agency, Dr Janet Ekpenyong while speaking to Newsmen said, Cancer being one of the world leading causes of death among both genders irrespective of age , religious, cultural and social status, there is need for greater attention on the disease.

She said, so far, increased cases of deaths from cancer can be attributed to late detection and lack of information which the Health sector is collaborating with Her Excellency, Dr Linda Ayade, through her mediatrix development foundation and other partners such as the Medical women association to increase awareness and link up those living with cancer to the right care. Because more is needed to halt some other springs of Cancers which are yet to be commonized.

She thanked Her Excellency, Dr Linda Ayade and partners for their supports and collaborations with the Cross River State Government which according to her has helped in early detection of Cancers in their first stages which increases survival chances.

“We are glad to have collaborated with some notable bodies in the state like the Mediatrix Development Foundation, a Non Governmental Organization Championed by the wife of the State Governor, Dr Linda Ayade, the Medical Women Association, as well as other national and international organisations.

Since we operate at the Primary Healthcare level, we have Championed awareness and improved educational bearing in some of our rural and urban communities ,teaching people the overall context of the disease.

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I encourage each and everyone of us to be mindful of our lifestyles due to it’s rapid creation of abnormal cells that grows spontaneously in the bodies of humans.

I wish to encourage us all to join the fight against cancer and as a matter of urgency , check ourselves to ensure that we are not taken unawares”.

2022 World Cancer Day: “Cross River State Closing the Gap On Awareness And Care”——Dr Janet Ekpenyong

Some common cancers include: Cancer of the Breast, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer etc

Improve healthy living such as
1) Regular and Appropriate Execise
2)Good and Balance Diet
3) Improve Healthy Lifestyle (Avoid Tobacco and it’s bye-products, excessive alcoholic beverages)
4) Minimal Exposure to Radiation and it’s sources
5) Genetic testing for cancer risk, especially those with family history

Together we can beat Cancer


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