All about the Ikom dialogue against protest.

All about the Ikom dialogue against protest.

His youthfulness, Comr. Dan Obo Jnr, again welcomed the youths and other attendees at the town hall meeting in Ikom. He acknowledged the fact that hunger exists, things are going higher in cost, and indeed, people are angry.

All about the Ikom dialogue against protest.
Protest is inevitable, and this is caused by hunger; therefore, the essence of protest is raised by hunger, but that’s not the main point of restructuring. Protest is never a way to solve problems because we are creating another one.

Let’s deviate away from protest, and the way forward is for every youth to use their office to be productive in the state. As a youthful leader and one who is alive, let’s strategize on activities to build our nation.
All about the Ikom dialogue against protest.

I end by saying, Let’s go back to a productive conversation with our friends and colleagues in our various local governments.

The vice chairman of the Central NYCN CRS, Comr. SunnySkipo, who is strongly against the intention of protest, appreciated the central youthful governing leaders for not seeing protest as a source to create peace or follow a trend during EndSars. He appreciated the state chairman, Mr. . Dan Obo, for his leadership in the various communities in central local government.

He finally called on the youths of Central to please see the protest as a wrong decision to settle the hunger in the country or state. He officially assured the chairman and the Area Commandant, Ikom, that there’d be no protest again, but let the government do something about using the central youths to accomplish activities that will create jobs for the youths in the state.

The ASP Area Commandant Ikom, first of all, appreciates the gathering that has been held recently to help the youth of the land learn more about peace. He reminded the youths in attendance how he lived his life during his youth and what the result is today. He calls on the youths to learn about his strategies to unite youths in the district, such as football,community policing, and so on, but the people of the different communities aren’t buying into it.

He acknowledged the differences in the land, although none of the citizens of Ikom are involved but outsiders; therefore, if a union between each community is created, all fights will be dissolved. He told the youths to watch all subjects involved in crime; the people involved are youths, and it’s not good to record.

He urges the youths to buy any means to create relationships between themselves, like in the football sector.

In attendance were the youth leaders of all the local governments in the central senatorial district and other youths from different communities in the central senatorial district.

The Deputy State Chairman, PST. Joel, gave a vote of thanks to all that attended the ikom dialogue meeting, and as such, a head count was done on the numbers of local government attendees or youths that represent their constituencies.


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