All about the Protest Dialogue with Ogoja Youths

Protest dialogue at OGOJA

The Chairman of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, Cross River State Chapter, Comr. Dan Obo Jr., first of all, appreciates the people of the Ogoja local government, specifically the youths of the land, for finding the time to gather here for this dialogue meeting.

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Dan Obo Jr. .  reminds them of the reasons youths should be angry, which are due to the hardship that has been trending in the country at large. But at the same time, if everyone thinks protesting is the best way to solve issues, please, that’s a lie. Everyone here should be ready to create another problem.

Protest dialogue at OGOJA

Indeed, the youths might want to protest freely, but the people within the protest may take it beyond that by destroying properties and creating fear for the citizens of that environment. On this note, the youth should be thinking of ways to make sure the state or community in which they live grows. If the government comes around to spray money, the next moment that money is finished, but if the government sees a platform to invest in your ideas, knowing that these ideas will be metaphors for greater growth, all this hardship won’t be there.

Protest dialogue at OGOJA

Therefore, I urge you to please refrain from protesting. Let’s create a platform for the government to invest.

The state secretary of the national youth council of Nigeria, Cross River State Chapter, Comr. Darlington Ugbe, called on the youths of Ogoja to desist from protest. He assured everyone to please see another form of violence resolution for peacemaking instead of thinking about protest. 

Protest dialogue at OGOJA

The Division of Police Ogoja sent his representative, Officer Alfred B. Talum, who expatiated on the effect of peacekeeping in every community. He also called on the youths to avoid protests of all forms, as other youths might take advantage of them to create destruction.

Agbaragba Sunday

Officer Agbaragba Sunday, the NSCDC, representing Divisional Officer CSC Otabi Raymond Otabi from the Nigeria Civil Defense, called on the youths of Ogoja to never see protest as a form of creating peace. He appreciated the avenue created to talk to youths, which is aimed at making peace a priority. He further called on the youth of the land to please never protest because it will create destruction.

Youth leaders from different communities of Ogoja local government were present, and opportunities to speak were also given to youths and leaders of the Northern Senatorial District to speak out their minds regarding the situation of the protest.

On this note, all the youth leaders’s promises never to protest serve as a source to create peace. Top leaders from the Northern Senatorial District were also present.

During the meeting, contributions were received from the youth’s leadership of OGOJA and other paramilitary agencies available. In one sense, they all agreed not to be involved in protest and never to see protest as a form of hardship resolution.

Pastor Joel Nycn CRS Deputy chairman

The Deputy Chairman of NYCN CRS, Pst. Joel, first of all, appreciated those at the venue; he went ahead and took attendance of the people in the hall. And encourage the people of Ogoja to keep the peace that the Northern Senatorial District is known for.


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