An Opening Letter to Father Christmas

DUET BY MR RAYS(SYNW-ALVAN Coordinator) et CyanahPEN (SYNW-UCC Coordinator)

Theme: DEAR SANTA CLAUS(An Opening Letter to Father Christmas)

Dear Santa
When are we to celebrate the white garment
where the white has been stained with stick red oil

Santa, human is as hungry as lion; jeoparding the weakness of a leopard on the celebration day.

Santa, our white has been painted with sacclus like an old rebranded car waiting to be sold.

Where is the joy? The death of the child on the Christmas Day of the 2022 brought us to 2020.

A new born baby is hungry like a lion; Santa
For the removal of S.A has made A.N.T to bite us in the name of S.A.N.T.A.C.L.U.S


There’s a lot of complaint
Too bad we forgot our compliment
As you’re coming to town
Be careful of those on gown

It’s just few that have grown
No matter the situation that frowns
Take note that the road is bad as well as costly Aircraft
It seems you’ll have to pass through witchcraft

The issue at hand needs Mother Christmas
There’s alot to solve on Murder Christmas
We are fed up of jingle bells and sleigh balls
Ontop slay wey dey expensive even to ball no be pesin mate

Welcome to Snow Harmattan where Vaseline becomes the solution
The black eventually turn white as the lack the backup resolution
For this festive period night no fit silent na until rest in peace so no need to sing Silent night
Credit alert that give us good hangout, better food, well paid school fees & comfortable accommodation is what we need
Father Christmas, make some magic for the spirit of one not just won

Dear Santa Claus, we are trying so hard to manage our clauses
When capable men chop 2 chickens as the hop pass
Able guys takes cheap girls as chip
Papa Christmas we aren’t asking for lots of package but to pack the old/bad age and renew it.

Written by Cynthia Maduekwe

Written by
Chinwendu Chinonyerem Emmanuel (Mr. Rays) & Cynthia Chinenye Maduekwe (CyanahPEN)
24th December, 2022


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