arthur Javis students cries for help.

Arthur Jarvis University is experiencing an unrest currently as a student was allegedly raped before being kidnapped few hours ago.

The school has no fence and has a terrible road plus they turn off generator by 10pm.
The school fees mad gan yet he can’t put things right.

One student was lucky to escape but she sustained an injury, a very deep cut.

That Man should have used the money he used to run guber elections to fence his school. People’s children are there for crying out loud.
Swears if my sister wasn’t home, nothing would have stopped from going to pick her up this night.

I’m literally panicking for the poor girl. She was stripped naked before they took her as her clothes were found at the spot that they took her.

Nowhere is safe at all in this country.

I pray that nothing happens to her. Amen


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