AUSTIN AIDAM JP pays visit to the leadership of Team TONY EFFIONG

AUSTIN AIDAM JP pays visit to the leadership of Team TONY EFFIONG

Life is a game and true love is a trophy, so says Rufus Wainwright. It is in this spirit of love that Pst Tony Effiong Jp played host to Hon. Austin Aidam Jp, the Peoples Democratic Party candidate for Akamkpa/Biase Federal Constituency as he visited the leadership of Team Tony.

The meeting which started with an introduction by pst Tony of the various leaders that cut across the five wards of Akamkpa1state Constituency

After the introduction, Pst Tony hinted the leaders present that the meeting was at the instance of Hon Austin Aidam as the latter had called him to say that he wanted to see him to discuss the way forward. And that it was needful for them to be part of such engagement which he consider to be very crucial and thanked them for their unity of purpose and togetherness. Thereafter he welcomed the PDP Rep flag bearer to the Team and gave him the floor to address them.

Speaking, Hon Austin Aidam began by thanking Pst Tony Effiong who he described as a father and mentor who have groomed many and that he is one of such persons. He made a little illustration by saying a child who is fighting in a place where his father is could be beaten but when his father is around, the child fights with all amount of strength inside him and such a child is hardly beaten by other children, and that his relationship with Tony is that of a father and child.

He expressed happiness in what he saw in the meeting and described it as the Tony style, he said that was a sign that Pst Tony was willing to help and to help in totality.

He said he came to see the leadership of the Team for reconciliation and mending of bridges. In his words “I come here wholeheartedly, sincerely and from my heart of heart, maybe in the course of my aspiration, ….trying to get to the goal, to get the ticket of our party, I may have infringed on your right, I may have behaved unruly, maybe people have told you things behind my back that I cannot defend myself, I take responsibility and I say, I am sincerely very sorry”. He added that he did his best not to be injurious to anybody but that there is no how one can be careful enough and that as humans, there is that deficiency that makes us to err, and for that too, he is sorry.

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That he was also using the opportunity to place before his father the ticket of the party for which he has won during the primaries saying that Pst Tony also owns that ticket. He urged Pst Tony to join him in carrying the load that comes with the ticket as that will make it lighter and with his Team joining hands with him, then it will be taken to the terminal point which is the point of success. He asked all in Team Tony, leaders, youth and women to see the ticket as theirs and come together as one united entity to make it work, for him the ticket is for everyone in Akamkpa and Biase to have “a say and a take” by working the success out in the field and getting the victory and that the best place to achieve that victory is here in the PDP where he calls home. He added that the time to get over the betrayals, the misgivings and mistrust is now as we are all better and stronger with the PDP.

He concluded by saying that there is need to pick of hope even in its little bits and form a cluster(s) of victory that we all will celebrate.

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The floor was opened to a number of persons to respond. First among them was a strong woman leader in Akamkpa ward, who bared her mind on the issues surrounding the just concluded primaries, expressing unhappiness towards the attitude of some persons who went about with tales of mischief but commended Hon Austin for the bold step to mend the fence in preparation for the general elections and wished Hon Austin Aidam well.

Hon. Fidelia Otio, assured him of the Team’s support and said that the people in Team Tony are die hearts and of like passion, she told him he was in the right place, saying that she believes that Austin is a man of his word and hopes that he will honour his words. She advised that he should avoid people that will cause him problems.

Also speaking, Ntufam Donatus Itabom advised Hon Austin Aidam to seek the face of God as far as his political journey is concerned. That in Team Tony we always hand over to God’s hand and that he was accepted in the Team.
He admonished him not to bite the fingers that fed him, Ntufam Donatus thanked him for the display of humility and asked him to do everything in his ability to bring everyone together in both Akamkpa and Biase. He went further to say that Hon Austin should make himself a servant leader with friends and brothers in the field and not an Oga. Praying that his tomorrow will be better than today.

Mr Kingsley Esira, the ward chairman of Iko who spoke on behalf of the ward chairmen, commended him for recognising his humble beginning with Pst Tony Effiong Jp back in the days, and assured him that Team Tony was intact and whatever directive given to them by Pst Tony will be carried out to the latter.

Hon Itita aka Tunde, the leader of Mbarakom ward, said the body known as Team Tony is and remained very strong. He excused him of his attitude prior to the primaries which he said was as a result of the misgivings by some unscrupulous elements in the party, but that as loyal party men, Team Tony remains undaunted as the Team is poised to support the PDP to emerge victorious in the forth coming General elections. He said the next stage is more difficult than the primaries and as such he needs everyone in order to get success and wished him well in the field.

In his response, Pst Tony said Hon. Austin is in-between our lap and cannot be pushed aside, according to him “we have reasons to work for and not to work for AUSTIN AIDAM JP, so we in Team Tony have chosen to work for Austin Aidam which is the positive disposition of the Team.

He reiterated the point made by other speakers that the team is stronger today than ever. He assured him that his visit will be communicated to the larger house. He went on to say that we have Conscience in our Team and a godly and good one at that. We admonished the Team and appealed to their consciouses that they should not do anything that will make them regret in the future, so Austin is our own and we need to come together to support him to succeed.
Pst Tony used the medium to charge the Team to work together to ensure that all PDP candidates emerge victorious in the general election, he added that in Cross River State, we have a sellable candidate for the Governorship position in the person of Sen. Prof. Sandy Ojong Onor and that the Team should do everything to market him to everyone to ensure victory come 2023.

He ended by saying that the Team will give its very best in favour of AUSTIN AIDAM JP

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Hon. Dominic Iboje.

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