Calabar bolt driver blow hot on Dr Betta Edu.

Earlier today, I was having a mother and son conversation with my mom, when she informed me about the sudden demise of a nice health worker she encountered when she was admitted as a patient in general hospital, Obubra.

Immediately she mentioned the diseased name, my mind struck, bringing back immediately the memories of how she was treated by this person while in the hospital, courtesy of Dr. Betta Edu.

In 2020, my mother was diagnosed with Hepatitis B and C virus respectively. Funny enough, her condition became critical when I had nothing. It was difficult for me to access help. Almost everyone I turned to at that time had one excuse or another, to the extent she almost gave up the ghost because it had eaten deep into her.

I was in deep pains meditating when the thought of sharing it with the then Health Commissioner hit my imagination. I chatted her up, told her the situation and sent her pictorial proves. She quickly responded and asked me to take her to general hospital, obubra, for free treatment. She communicated with the head Doctor and that was all.

Even as I make this post, she doesn’t know what I look like.

By the special grace of God, my mom was given another opportunity to experience life again courtesy of her kindness.

As the conversation extended, I felt it was necessary to publicly appreciate her for accepting to stretch a hand of benevolence, when I needed it the most.

Dear Dr Betta Edu, I am making this post first, to celebrate your kindheartedness, and to show you how grateful I am for the act you did several years back. I cannot repay you, only God will.

May God in his infinite mercy continue to illuminate your path.

In fact, I am now one of your unofficial voluntary staff.

Thank you so dearly ma’am. Good always has a way of coming back. Thank you!

Much Love From;
Bright Irek
(De Agent Of Change)



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