Celebrating the Amazon: Dr. Inyang Asibong

Dr. Inyang Asibong is a prominent figure in Cross River State; a medical professional by background, she has served as the Commissioner for Health and International Development Cooperation respectively, bringing her expertise to forge global partnerships that benefit the state. She’s currently the Special Adviser to the Governor on Gender Mainstreaming.

Biography of Dr inyang Asibong

A Multifaceted Leader:

* Seasoned Medical Professional: Dr. Asibong’s background in medicine informs her approach to development, with a focus on public health initiatives.
* Healthcare Financing and Public Health Expert: Her knowledge extends beyond medicine, encompassing healthcare financing and public health systems strengthening.
* Leadership Mentor: Dr. Asibong empowers the next generation through her platform, mentoring over 1,000 youths to become transformative leaders.
* Philanthropist: Driven by compassion, Dr. Asibong demonstrates a commitment to humanitarian efforts and improving the lives of children.

Impressive Credentials:

* Education:
Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine (University of Calabar)
Master of Public Health (University of Sheffield)
A fellow of the West African College of Physicians

General Medicine and Public Health
Health Financing and Governance
Health System Strengthening
Human Resource Leadership and Management
Strategic Development Plan Facilitation
* Certifications:
Project Management Professional
Social Behavioral Change (SBC) Monitoring and Evaluation Expert

Leadership Roles:

* Former Commissioner for Health
* Former Commissioner for International Development Cooperation
* Nominated Member Member, WHO International Working Group on Investment for Impact
* Member, CRS COVID-19 Task Force Committee
* Secretary, CRS COVID-19 Fundraising Committee
* Member, Federal Response to COVID-19 in CRS


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