Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs send wishes to all women

My fellow women of Cross River State, I send you my heartfelt greetings on this International Women’s Day.

This day is important not only because the world has set it aside to honour women, but also because of the acknowledgement of the intrinsic role all women play in every society.

It may seem a bit ironical that only one day out of the year is set out to recognize the critical work women do as the preeminent caretakers of families as well as the primary drivers of our social lives.

Nevertheless, the world is aware that in our role as mothers, we are the primary architects in the generational construction of the world’s families. In our partnerships with men, we remain perennially central in shoring up the goodwill that girds every dimension of human relationships. As core citizens of the world, our natural responsibilities are amplified to create and support a world environment that is peaceful and safe for everyone. It is therefore important that this day should affirm the call for including women in every facet of our lives.

On this International Women’s Day, the world unequivocally understands that our love and concern for humanity offer the world the environment to live peacefully and safely. Our compassionate disposition constitutes the strengths we offer the world in building households and businesses. Our dedication to duty is the driving engine of our economic advances.

Let’s all embrace this International Women’s Day as full and equal citizens of a world where every woman excels in her own niche and in full recognition of her worth.

Happy International Women’s Day!



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