Compulsory Books to Read while pursuing career

7 Books to Read throughout the week, 9 books to reach out & 5 Reasons to Read book Daily

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  1. Reading improve brain Function
  2. Reading reduces stress
    6 minutes of reading a day can reduce stress by up to 68%
  3. Reading can improve your state of Minds
    Readers are 10% more likely to report good self-esteem than non-readers
  4. Reading improve overall wellness
    30 minutes of reading burns 50% more Calories than 30 minutes of watching TV
  5. Reading Aloud to Children has a lasting impact. More than 40% of frequent readers ages 6 to 10 were Read aloud to at home by their
    parents;9 books to reach out
    1.Business books
    2.NetworkMarketing books
    3.Lovestory & motivated books
  6. General books
  7. Student books
  8. Christian, Islam / spiritual books
  9. Students & Children books(novels)
  10. Marriage/Relationship books
  11. Politics books

Books for the week
As we all know, readers are leaders and leaders are readers, Hand pick are 7 books to read this week:

  1. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.
  2. See you at the top by Zig zizzle
  3. The road to wealth by Robert Green Allen.
  4. How to win friends and influence people by Dele Carnegie.
  5. Building stronger home and marriage by Billy J. Daughter.
  6. How to attract and seduce a woman by Byron seingait.
  7. The 5 love language by Gary.


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