C’River Commissioner For Humanitarian affairs Seek Partnership With Nigeria Police Force, CRS.

Helen Isamoh pay a courtesy visit to Nigeria Police command in calabar.

The Honourable Commissioner For Humanitarian Affairs, CRS Dr. Helen Isamoh Egodo in the company of her team, paid a familiarization visit to the Commissioner of Police, CRS, Sir G. A. Grimah and his Assistant, Sir Kabiru Ibrahim at the Nigerian Police Force, CRS Headquarters today.

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The engagement was a significant step towards strengthening collaboration and synergy between the ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and the Nigerian police force, CRS Command.

Dr. Egodo seized the opportunity to discuss ways in which they can collaborate to ensure emergency preparedness in CRS, they also exchanged ideas and explored innovative solutions to address the security challenges faced by refugees, IDPs, women, people living with disabilities and other vulnerable populations in CRS.

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She engaged them on other critical issues most especially on; How the police can effectively and efficiently reduce gender-based violence on refugees and the vulnerable ones by implementing targeted awareness campaigns and establishing safe reporting mechanisms. She made it known that her ministry will be providing specialized training to officers on gender based violence and gender mainstreaming.

C’River Commissioner For Humanitarian affairs Seek Partnership With Nigeria Police Force, CRS.

Dr Egodo also intimated the Police on how they can tackle illegal migration by strengthening border control measures, such as increasing patrols and utilizing advanced technology for surveillance. She further posited that the establishment of specialized units or task forces dedicated to addressing crimes against vulnerable populations, such as human trafficking or exploitation by the police will ensure security and safety for the refugees and vulnerable ones amongst us.

Furthermore, Dr Egodo stressed on the urgent need for the enhancement of emergency preparedness by conducting regular drills and training exercises for police officers to effectively respond to various emergency situations, including natural disasters, Wars, or terrorist attacks.

C’River Commissioner For Humanitarian affairs Seek Partnership With Nigeria Police Force, CRS.

The Commissioner of Police Cross River State, Sir. G. A. Grimah applauded Dr. Egodo and her team for their proactive approach in seeking collaboration as it reaffirms their dedication to creating a safer and more inclusive CRS.

He maintained that it is essential for the Commissioner for Humanitarian Affairs to engage in various activities such as Field visits and such engagements often involve interacting with diverse groups of people, he will ensure that appropriate security measures are put in place to prevent potential wrongdoers who may attempt to disrupt or cause harm.

Mr Grimah went Further to assert that he will engage relevant bodies and agencies to tackle illegal migration, enhance emergency preparedness and ensure security/safety for refugees, women, PWD, IDPs, etc.

C’River Commissioner For Humanitarian affairs Seek Partnership With Nigeria Police Force, CRS.  G. A. Grimah cross river commissioner of police

The Assistant Comissioner of Police, Sir Kabiru Ibrahim assured Dr. Egodo that he will reach out to DPOs and other actors to make available personnels, focal persons, desk officers, etc from the NPF for the trainings and engagements on gender based violence and gender mainstreaming whenever the ministry will request for them.

Cross river state assistance commissioner of police kabiru Ibrahim

Dr. Egodo expressed profound gratitude to the Commissioner for Police and his able Assistant for their time and commitments thus far, emphasizing that she will continue to engage and interact with the NPF to foster peace and development in CRS.

Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, CRS.


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