Cross River State Popular comedian Ordain as pastor

The Mount Olive Zion Church of Nigeria has officially ordained a minister into their ministry. This ordination was conducted on April 12, 2024, and included a popular comedian called McBrown, also known as Pastor Abraham Edet.


On April 12, 2024, it was noted that Mr. Abraham Edet, aka McBrown, celebrated a ministerial ordination and birthday celebration. The invitation was given widely shared coverage as the ceremony was held in the aforementioned church.

On the Facebook page of Pastor Abraham Edet (McBrown Comedian), he stated, “Tomorrow, April 12th, is for me. Come and celebrate me in another way. For years, I have been celebrating my birthday as a comedian and celebrity, but this year I’ll be celebrating it as a pastor. Some will say I was called, some will say I was sent, but for me, I’ll say I was chosen or created for this course.

Mount olive zion church of Nigeria

I have tried from childhood to always ignore what my mom, family, and church leaders then use to tell me, the story of how my mom conceived me and why I was born, and the name given to me by God before she even conceived of me, Abraham. I have run away from it and changed churches, but to no avail. Anywhere I go, even outside Calabar, where no one knows me, I’ll be told the same thing. So if truly God and the Holy Spirit don’t exist, then how is it possible that anywhere around the world I go, I’ll hear the same thing from different men of God?

Though I’m not leaving entertainment, I’m still MC Brown, or you can call me pastor MC Brown if you find it difficult to call me pastor Abraham or pastor Brown. Ghanaian people, please avoid this post. I don’t want to hear pasta for my name, but it’s time to let the world know that I have accepted to also serve God fully in his vineyard alongside my comedy and MC career.”

Cross River State popular comedian Ordain as pastor

Going further, a correspondent from calabargist spoke with Pastor Abraham Edet about his ordination as a pastor. Abraham shared his thoughts and expressed his appreciation for the call, ensuring that the ministerial call is paramount and his entertaining gift is still intact.

On this note, he uses the opportunity to remind the public of his next comedy event coming up this April 28th, tagged comedy punchline with Shark2Six.

Live in Calabar

Shark2six and mc pikin and mc brown

The event will host all top performers from the comedian guild association in Cross River State.

Cross river state comedia guild

From henceforth, McBrown is now a minister of Mount Olive Zion Church of Nigeria, Cross River State, Calabar, with his ministerial name Pastor Abraham Edet.


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