Difference Between Support & Congratulations



Research has shown that having a strong “SUPPORT SYSTEM” has many positive benefits such as: higher levels of well being, better coping skills & longer/healthier life.

Life is the most difficult exam; Many people fail because they try to copy others not realizing that everyone has a different question papers.

The word “Congratulation” is gotten from the Greek(Latin) word where it was formed by combining the prefix “Com” meaning “With” to the root”Glatulari” meaning “Give Thanks/Show Joy”.

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary “Congratulations is the act of expressing pleasure at another person’s success or good fortune.

System is an organized sets of ideas/theories/particular way of doing something.

Support as the prefix word “Port” is gotten from the Latin word which means “Carry”. For instance- Deport, Import, Export, Report, Transport and Portable which is easily carried.

Support is provision, comfort, encouragement & financial assistance to someone.

To Support is a suppose factor to think/believe something/someone is true & possible.

Support Group is a group of people who meet to help each other with a particular problem.

Mutual Support is provision of task assistant, social Support & feedback to corroborate 1/more team mbers as needed.
To hold someone/thing in a position & prevent from falling.

Supporting Details provide information to clarify, prove or explain the main idea through assisting, exerting assertive & adv
Listen to your friend, be non judgemental, believe your friends.

After the celebrations, there is always a moment to remember. The moment will appear with two faces, one for happiness while the second represents sadness. When such anamnesis reaches your heart, happiness fills your heart at the first moment, while tears fill your eyes at the second stage. Such moments are not easy to forget, but hard to remember. Even if you don’t want to remember those moments, something will push you to recall them. When such inspiration begins in your head and heart, you will be insane with those around you because none of them will understand your attitude at this moment except you alone. You will laugh, cry, and move on. Because we acquire knowledge together, but we use it differently.

_However, missing persons are natural to people, but how far it will take to see together or be in a congregation, as it is today, is beyond one’s reasoning. Oh! Not that people will miss me is the problem, but how empty my heart is right now. I will miss many people, but I pray for the courage to warn me. Even if we didn’t all grow up in the same society, being together for three years isn’t child’s play. We laugh, cry and adapt within ourselves. haha! Life has launched me on a long journey to achieve and observe something different from where I grew up. Oh! Here’s where we are today.

We accelerate by elevating others. Not everyone you grew up with will help you. Sometimes the person you’ve never seen in your life may serve as Angel to you. You may trust someone, but they may forget you later, don’t be too sad. Don’t let this drain your heart. Keep your personality and be yourself. For once you have a disciplined heart, your helper will locate you. Not even just a helper, but like your blood helper. Then, all your wishes will be fulfilled. And you will be like you haven’t had bad days before you take your step. Such is life. Patience is a virtue.

Remember, if God has heard your prayer, don’t forget the less privileged whom you were once in their shoe. Do not let them suffer under your hands. You are not blessed because of yourself, but every person around you. Never despise anyone who asks you for help. Value their presence with you. Know that it is worth giving because you were in such a terrible phase before God heard your silent supplication. Don’t leave them in pain. Because you have today doesn’t mean you will have forever. Blessings are sent to the individual over time and how he handles it will determine whether he will remain in his hands for a long time or not. If you have allowed the people around you to take advantage of your wealth, not for today but for tomorrow. Always be a cheerful giver!


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