Enugu State APC Ambassadors Call for urgent removal of Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology



A prominent APC support group in Enugu State, Enugu Progressive Ambassadors has called on the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to sack the Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology, Chief Uche Geoffrey Nnaji for what the group described as unworthy and shameful representation of Enugu State APC in the cabinet of the president. The group noted that Enugu State APC has many qualified party men and women with credible credentials, personalities and integrity that would make the state proud rather than Uche Nnaji that has been involved in many scandals thus, giving Enugu State a bad image among other states at the ministerial level.

Uche Geoffrey minister for innovation and technology

The group in a press conference in Enugu noted with dismay that Chief Uche Nnaji since his day one in office has been working against the interest of building the party in the state but rather causing division and further polarising the unity the party has been enjoying before he was made a minister. Chief Uche Nnaji has been fingered as mastermind of many internal party crises in Enugu State using his position as minister to wreck havock within the party. This is the reason many party faithfuls and loyalist has been threatening to leave the party if urgent step is not taken to address the issue in which Enugu State APC have unanimously agreed that the ministerial slot of the state given to Uche Nnaji is a curse rather than blessing to the state, hence demanded his removal as Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Enugu APC ambassadors

According to the spokesperson of Enugu Progressive Ambassadors, Chief Tochukwu Obinna who addressed the newsmen said that Chief Uche Nnaji is too scandalous to represent Enugu state APC at the ministerial level and therefore saw it as a shame that APC members in the state could not bear any longer, hence the urgent need to address the president, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu through the press conference. In his words, “Enugu Progressive Ambassadors is speaking on behalf of Enugu State APC that we seek the sack of the minister of Innovation, Science and Technology Chief Uche Nnaji, a man we referred to as scandalous minister. We are not comfortable that a man with fraudulent national service certificate is the one representing us.”

“It is on record that Uche Nnaji has been the brain behind many crises in Enugu state APC. His ministerial position is not favouring Enugu State APC but we rather see it as a curse to us. This is the bitter pill we have been trying to swallow since his emergence as minister from our state. He has been using his position which should be a benefit to the state to fuel discord to the extent that majority of our loyal and faithful members have been threatening to leave the party just because of him. Here is a man that has been promoting drugs, giving money to young men and sponsoring them abroad for the sake of his drug business. These are not mere allegations but facts and realities that are in the open in Enugu state. We are speaking out to save the integrity of our party as we look forward to the coming 2027 elections in the state”

“We use the opportunity of this press conference to call on Mr President, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to save Enugu State APC from doom by relieving Uche Nnaji of his position and appointing a credible and loyal party man that would rebuild Enugu state APC to represent Enugu State at the ministerial level.”

“We also call on our president for the sake of his Renewed Hope Mantra to call on the relevant agency to investigate and prosecute Uche Nnaji for forging national service (NYSC) certificate. Enugu State APC deserves the best in this Renewed Hope Administration and we look forward to giving the president a landslide victory in Enugu State in the coming 2027 presidential election.”


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