Facebook Reel; Make $35,000 Dollars monthly on the New Facebook features. Click link for Procedures

Facebook Reel A feature recently Released and it can help you make $35,000 monthly.

Plus or minus, that is #19.6million.

When I saw the news earlier I thought it was a scam until I took out time to test and understand the feature better.

So, let’s welcome “Facebook Reel”

If you look at your Facebook timeline, just behind the section where Facebook ask you “what’s on your mind”

You should see a new button called “Reel”

Ladies and gentlemen, that button is the new money button on Facebook.

If you have used or seen TikTok, then, the reel is similar to that, it is a feature that helps you create very short videos.

Now, you should be saying;

“Plenty English, how can I make money with Facebook reel?”

Legit question, but first, you need to understand how people make money on YouTube and TikTok and while Reel is a better and smarter way.

So, if you have ever watched a YouTube video, you will see unnecessary advertisements at every point of the video.

Now, for just watching that ad, the owners of those videos are making hundreds of dollars every day.



Because YouTube will share the money that the owner of the advertisement paid to them with the people that created the video.

Now, that is exactly what Facebook wants to do with the Facebook reel.

Instead of just creating videos for fun, you can make money by creating very short videos and earning from your views.

The fun part is that your video has to be just 30-60 seconds long.

And you can create your videos with your mobile phone or upload old clips from your phone.

So, how will you get paid?

There are plenty ways Facebook promise to help you make money with your reel videos.

First, they have set aside $1 billion to pay videos creators at most $35,000 every month.

That is to say, if you can get enough views on your videos, you can make between that amount every month.

Secondly, Facebook will soon start placing adverts on your reel videos, so that each time, one of your audience watch the video, you will earn a commission.

Another interesting stuff is that Facebook will add something called “Stars” to your videos so that your audience can “show you love anytime they want”.

Stars are like a small package that you can send to video creators

The Juicy part of this new feature is that you might even need to create your own videos.

In the coming days, Facebook will roll out features that will help you compile reels from people you like and turn it into your own videos.

Another thing is that, you can share your Reel to your Instagram page easily.

If you have never made money off Facebook, this is your easiest chance to get started.

Was that simple enough?

PS: If you are not seeing it on your timeline, update your app, then logout and login again. It will show before 40minutes


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