Governor Ben Ayade is the winner!.

Goddie A. Akpama.

The above headline may draw sneers from certain quarters but it is the true picture despite what played out in the Northern Senatorial District election on Saturday.

Governor Ben Ayade is the winner in that he won two Senate positions out of Three and Five House of Representatives seats out of eight. This gives him victory already.

Clearly he defeated predecessors, Donald Duke and Liyel Imoke and a host of others such as the governoship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party ,Prof Sandy Onoh.

INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu Officially open up to presidential result

Governor Ayade has made it clear that politics is not just about him. It is not about just him winning personally but about how many people he has made win. We should remember all the people he has brought on board to win are people he brought himself as younger people to help grow.

This represents a generational change and this is what is necessary for the development we desire as a society.

Ayade’s idea of this generational shift manifested in all the young persons he brought on board, from the young Asuquo Ekpeyong, to Joseph Bassey, Eteng Williams among others. He truly deserves commendation.

However, it should be pointed out that It is not over until it is over. What has happened in the North should not weigh the people down. The irregularities and criminalities would be challenged appropriately in due time.

We all know that the governor believes in politics with ethics and that is why the politics of the north was calm despite all the discrepancies. He is one who believes in the peace and wellbeing of his people and would not compromise these for anything.

Hence, his touted defeat in the Northern Senatorial election is not a thing of worry!!
The matter will be addressed as noted through appropriate channels.

Despite the provocation, the governor’s supporters should keep calm and let peace reign. The matter will be addressed as earlier noted through the appropriate channels.

Ayade is back on board to do the needful, support Prince Bassey Otu to victory. His support for Back to South is sacrosanct. Supporters should work towards ensuring victory at the governorships polls, while the outrage witnessed in the North is addressed.

Long live Governor Ben Ayade.

Long live Cross River State


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