Irek Dee blames Ayade SA on Entertainment for misrepresentating the artist and other entertainers


Irek Dee, yesterday evening spoke on the constant turbulence on entertainment matters in the State. At Hitfm with The Bashment show with Mr Ital revealed, “the SA to the Government representing Cross River State entertainment, is misrepresenting the Artists to the Governor.

On this he explained that, the SA’s to the Governor on Entertainment are causing a lot of pains to creatives, who feels the Governor does not make efforts to look into the thriving sector. Whereas, he the Governor has been very supportive to entertainers over the years.

More-so he spoke on the performance bill for artists during the Christmas festives being tempered with heavily. He said “We are not fighting anyone, we just want what is for everyone to be given to everyone.” This is what CRAF was formed for and I pray Cross River State artists wise up and take their fair share.

The CRAF front person Irek Dee also insight that, he and the heads of all the different entertainment associations in cross river state had had a successful meeting with the the SSA on entertainment and government house Hon. Ken Akla, on this glaring issues, who made a promised that things will be done differently this time around as he pledged to work with the associations and ensure that all the entertainers are paid what they deserve.

The CRAF Chairman, in the same spirit send a warning to the entertainers that, the course the association is fighting is not for December; that it’s for the general liberation of Musicians and other entertainers in Cross River State.

Rawlings, who is also a strong CRAF exco member, spoke on the association not having any problem with the existing associations especially PMAN, as he added they’re a national association and should not have any issues with what the State creatives want, which include especially for the artists; that a booking lists is submitted by the association, dates of performances and other necessary informations are available for the artists days before time and what will be paid to them is made known.

The Meetings started early at Sparklingfm where a CRAF representative Mr. Manager was send to speak on “The Music and the Business” with Jeremiah Robert at the CRAF Soundbox, he Mr Manager (Music Executive) stretches on artists not just recording music but growing a mentality that helps you build their career.

The turbulence, we perceive will continue even messier, but can be resolved peacefully.

Edited by Obi Collins


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