Leo Ceaser React on CRS situation on world music day

LEO CEASER: Words from Top-Notched Calabar Musician, Leo Ceaser as He celebrate WORLD MUSIC DAY added by urging cross riverians and Nigerians at large to GET their PVC DAY


Today is WORLD MUSIC DAY, and we all plan to come out with one voice to have a rally , and aswell have a mega concert TAGGED (GET YOUR PVC EDITION) Well it a nice idea because, I in particular will be there Live and also partake in all this activities.

Let’s get this straight ,we are not just meant to do music , go to shows , run rally’s and all that ONLY, I believe as an entertainer and a public figure we can also use our one voice to send a strong message to the Government,

Leo Ceaser when ahead to point out out certain areas of cross river state, example bade on the environment as so dirty and not even healthy for people to live in anymore, yet majority of us do nothing about it , most of us are scared to even talk about it probably because we’ve in one way or the other benefited from this same Unhealthy Government, or should I say many don’t want to say a word so they won’t lose their chances of getting 1M /10M from the Government

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Leo Ceasar felt so disappointed that no one can do anything about this and not even the base artists . I REALLY

He went further to say “I REALLY HOPE ALL KNOW WHAT ENTERTAINMENT REALLY MEAN SHA” , u can’t be called a PUBIC FIGURE if u can’t FIGURE OUT a way to create Impact to the community around you .

Anyways guys tomorrow I’ll be LIVE at the RALLY & EVENT VENUE come out and have fun as usual . Let’s celebrate world music day in a smelling State.


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