Mayorkun pendant has been recovered

It has been on air since the performances of popular Nigerian musicians. By his stage name, Mayorkun, as he tweets, never to perform or come to Cross River State, Calabar.

This is due to the recent incident that occurred after his performance at the UJ Esuene Stadium. It all happened when the said artist lost two of his pendants due to an uncontrollable crowd while he was being ushered to his vehicle.

The pendant information has been trending with a prize tag for who will return it. It was noticed that one of the well-known Calabar artists, Iyanya, posted on his X account that one of the pendants had been recovered.

A sum of 500 dollars was promised to be given to whoever had the left-over pendant. Just recently, news was received on social media from the SA event to the Governor of cross river state  Effiong Ekpenyong that the left-over pendant has been recovered.

The said person who brought the ring went to Hit FM Calabar and did the submission; he attested that the pendant was recovered at the stadium.

The pendant has been handed over to Effiong Ekpenyong, who is the SA event coordinator for the state, and he’s the coordinator of the state events.

Effiong assured cross-riverians not to panic, as we are known for peace. He called on Mayorkun to see the pendant right in his hand, stating clearly that Cross River is good at returning items not meant to be theirs.

Ekpenyong appreciates Hitfm for helping the state government recover the missing item. In the vein of entertainment, the manager of Hitfm Calabar, Mr. Duke Emmanuel, calls on Cross Riverians to remember that the next event will be hosting Reekadobanks and Patoranking with the likes of other top artists in the state.


mayorkun pendant is back


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