MEDA DG, Great Ogban, Celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day

MEDA DG, Great Ogban, Celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day, Acknowledges Cross River State’s Booming Creative Space

In recognition of World Creativity and Innovation Day, the Director-General of the Cross River State Microfinance and Enterprise Development Agency (MEDA), Mr. Great Ogban, has applauded the burgeoning creative industry in Cross River State and reinstating his commitment to supporting creative entrepreneurs.

“On World Creativity and Innovation Day,” Mr. Ogban remarked, “I find myself particularly enthused by the vibrancy of Cross River State’s creative space. From fashion to music, art to technology, the state is brimming with talented individuals who are transforming industries and igniting positive change.”

The statement highlights MEDA’s dedication to empowering creative entrepreneurs. Mr. Ogban outlined various initiatives, such as the creative gap analysis in line with the People First mandate of His Excellency, Sen (Prince) Bassey Otu, the Executive Governor of Cross River State, designed to foster innovation, provide access to resources, and cultivate an environment where creative minds can flourish.

MEDA DG, Great Ogban, Celebrates World Creativity and Innovation Day

Furthermore, the release emphasizes Mr. Ogban’s recent engagement with the Calabar Creative Tribe, a renowned community of creative professionals in the state capital with a panel discussion, underlining MEDA’s commitment to fostering collaboration and dialogue within the creative sector.

“By supporting Cross River State’s creative minds,” Mr. Ogban concluded, “we are not only nurturing artistic expression but also investing in the economic and social well-being of our nation. World Creativity and Innovation Day serves as a potent reminder that creativity is a powerful driver of progress, and I am confident that by harnessing the talent within our creative communities, we can build a brighter future for all.”


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