Mega Boy to Release Debut Single “Branama on December 15

Mega Boy to Release Debut Single “Branama” on December 15

Mega Boy to Release Debut Single "Branama" on December 15

Mega Boy, a rising star in the Nigerian music scene, is set to release his debut single “Branama” on December 15.

Mega Boy, who has been gaining attention on social media and news media for his talent and charisma, said he is excited to share his music with the world.

Mega Boy to Release Debut Single "Branama" on December 15

Branama will be available on all major streaming platforms on December 15. On this note, everyone who sees this message is eligible to reach out to any platforms from 15th.

Megaboy is a know social media artist who believes that his growth is base on the social influence he can acquire from the social media space, he’s known to be active and reciprocal to messages and requests on each platforms you can get his tags from.
currently the media space is where most artists gain their popularity and creativity Therefore social platforms are not taken for granted by him.
it’s on this line he’s urging his Fans and those who are just hearing about him to search through their platforms with the username @megaboyofficial1 on instagram and also megaboytwit on twitter account
Fans can also follow Mega Boy on his social media accounts for more updates and sneak peeks of his upcoming projects.

He has already top content trending on media from different platforms base on his influence to creativity and ways of appearance.
Talking about his recent release, branama is going to be a top notch music due to it considerations while setting up this project.

In a nutshell, mega is set to change the musical narrative not just in the circle of cross river but around the world due to his different strategies.
December 15th we lite up the space with branama


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