National Association of Nigerian Students NANS ZONE A React over Corrupt Politicians Come 2023

National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS Zone ‘A’) under the watch of Comr. ZIYA’U SARKI make it known publicly on 3rd June 2022 that Nigerians Students will not favour any Unpatriotic and Corrupt Politicians come 2023.

“Nigeria is a country richly endowed with human and material resources critical for national development which is yet to find its rightful place among the comity of nations. The major reason for her socio-economic development stagnation is leadership crisis and corruption. Since independence, Nigerian government is replete of clueless, parochial, uninspiring, attitudinal debauchery and selfish leaders.

National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS Zone ‘A’) through me writing these message to those Politicians i rest in the fact that leadership crisis and corruption were interwoven and it is against this background that explored the leadership failures and corrupt tendencies of the leadership class especially at the National level in Nigeria since 1960 and its implication for socio-economic development” Said Comr. Ziya’u Sarki.

“Moreover, It is very easy to blame Corrupt and Unpatriotic politicians for societal ills and inequities. They are often seen as the source of all our woes. They distort the polity and our politics for selfish reasons, it is believed. They also embody and represent the ugly face of society, many say. We often see them as heartless and greedy. Yes, in some instances, they appear as perceived and as guilty as accused.

The 2023 elections are around the corner again. It is very easy to climb the proverbial moral high horse and castigate Unpatriotic and Corrupt politicians as evil. Before we do that, let us examine our consciences and be convinced that we are not in any way contributing to corrupting the market for democratic politics. The key currency of transaction should be credible, practical, pragmatic, believable and redeemable political pledges on the part of the politicians, and discernible minds and moral resilience on the part of the voters. Once this equilibrium is dislocated, then, we should not blame anyone but be prepared to live with the negative consequences of our options and choices.


Dear Nigerian Students, let us be the change we want to see. That is how societies develop and grow. There are no context-less evil politicians, as such. They do not exist in a vacuum. They are simply the creation and products of society. If we do not want them, let us not create them in the first instance, by abusing and misusing our votes.

The question I have for is that; are you ready for a progressive change in the country and to end ASUU strike Permanently in Nigeria?

Because our schools are facing huge challenges such as inadequacy of funding, lack of teaching tools and modern classrooms, poor numerations and the acute shortage of qualified teachers, and these Unpatriotic and Corrupted Politicians are ones who contributed to the fall in the standard of education in Nigeria.

Eventually, we pray for our country to experience sustainable socio-economic development, responsible, credible and true leaders who will build strong and transparent institutions as well as leaders who are dedicated to how history will remember them for transforming the society rather than accumulation of private wealth must emerge to implant the act of good and selfless governance in Nigeria.

Let’s think big Nigerian Students as we are deeply touched academically, socially and economically to vote the right leaders who will rescue the country from dilemma of insecurity, banditry, Kidnapping and dilapidation of education.


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