Nigeria Economy is violating human rights,review the economy policies-IHRPS Special Envoy charge FG.

Review your economic policies. They are too harsh. Violating the Economic Rights of Nigeria’s Says IHRPS Special Envoy

Nigeria has been facing various economic challenges, including inflation, unemployment, and currency depreciation. Recent developments in the economic policies of the government of Nigeria have thrown the citizens of the country into more tough times.

On Friday, the Special Envoy and Ambassador to West Africa of the International Human Rights Protection Service, Amb. Dr. Charles Omini, called on the federal government to further review its economic policies and programs to reduce the suffering and harsh economic situation in Nigeria.

Speaking with newsmen in Abuja,Ambassador Omini advises the government of Nigeria to set up a mechanism that will reduce the prices of goods and services in the country even as the dollar crashes.

Omini further said that the stronger the naira, the stronger the economy of Nigeria, which is the economic giant of Africa.

He further states that state government executives should see how they’ll join the federal government in relieving economic hardship, as this issue is not for the federal level to face alone.

Omini ended by charging the citizens of the country not to see this hard time as a source to commit crimes or think of leaving the country; rather, let’s all create an economic environment by bringing our creativity mindset to build a new Nigeria.


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