Nko and Oyadama clashes:Dan Obo Jr suggest solution

Nko and oyadama clashes or communal crisis is beginning to be so alarming and affecting other non-indigenous people that uses the communities tracts for their businesses,which end up giving the state a bad image.

NYCN Chairman CRS, state out clearly that the Former Minister for Niger Delta Pst Usani Usani, try to bring in civil defense training centres to the same communities having regular clashes due to land dispute

NYCN Chairman CRS recall the several committees that was set up by Senator Liyel Imoke administration where papers were brought regarding boundaries.

He list out challenges by asking “why’s the issue of Implementation of Sen.Liyel Imoke committee of enquiry a problem??. Why are the Government not interested about what is happening to the State most especially the said communities.

Stating out clearly that those communities involved in those clashes have representative in the state and federal level, meanwhile people are dying everyday, roads are blocked and the government expect youths to be happy and keep quiet.

Yes many different visitation has been made from different offices in the state to plead and urge the youths to abstain from war and killing each other. Also some level of expectation is required from the Government more than talking talking talking.

Comr Dan Obo Jnr suggested that the state can own the said land causing these crises by using it to build security structures or something tangible own by the State Government, He also urge the Deputy Governor Prof. Ivara Esu to create the already implementation that was on ground by Sen. Liyel Imoke administration.

Cross Riverians are not happy. Cross River State is not protecting it good image any longer. Youth council chairman CRS urge the Government to work on this matter to end the death and insecurity of other citizen heading to Cross River State.


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