Odukpani Local Government Youth Parliamentarians inauguration held on the 28th of April, 2022 at the Odukpani Council Legislative Chambers.

Odukpani Local Government Youth Parliamentarians inauguration held on the 28th of April, 2022 at the Odukpani Council Legislative Chambers.

After the procession by the presiding officers; the sergeant at arm Hon. Ayara Ekpayu, The State speaker, the clerk, followed by the nominees, the session commenced at exactly 4:25 pm with an opening speech by the Speaker of the State Youth Parliament , Rt. Hon. Gideon Mbukpa who congratulated all nominees and welcomed all individuals present to witness the occasion.

He called for introduction of all delegates present, invited guests and the nominees. The delegates present were;

  1. Hon. Emmanuel Ekpenyong- Caucus leader of the south, CRSYP
  2. Hon. Johnsmith Obeten- Caucus leader of the Central, CRSYP.
  3. Hon. Pascal Ebeze- Caucus leader of the north, CRSYP.
    Other delegates present include: The National Youth Council Odukpani local government youth Chapter secretary- Com. Akiba Akiba and The National Youth Council Odukpani chapter social secretary-elect- Com. Godswill Andong, among other invited guests.
    The nominees and their respective wards are;
  1. Hon. Arc. Henry Ita- Creek Town II Ward
  2. Hon. Jude Okon Ekpo- Eki Ward
  3. Hon Obo Bassey Asuquo- Eniong Ward
  4. Hon. Asuquo Ndiyo- Creek Town I Ward
  5. Hon. Victoria Bassey- Creek Town I Ward
  6. Hon. Oko Ebodi Oko- Odot Ward
  7. Hon. Kelvin Bassey- Obomitiat/ Mbiabo/Ediong Ward.
  8. Hon. Ikwo Okon Asuquo- Ekori Anaku Ward
  9. Hon. Daisy Edet Bassey- Ekori Anaku Ward
  10. Hon. Ambrose Oku- Ito/Idere/Ukwa Ward
  11. Hon. Nsa Charles- Akamkpa-Okoyong Ward.
    The speaker commented on the dress code of some nominees and gave an example on the correct dress code- a senator with a cap to complete or a complete suit with a tie and he then proceeded to give his charges;
  12. The parliament was first inaugurated on the 27th of May, 2021. It is the highest legislative Youth wing of the state and it is not under the Youth council.
  13. The parliament is not a political party or movement and does not side with any political parties, nevertheless, parliamentarians have the right to their personal political party choices.
  14. All meetings must be held in the council chambers or the mini hall in the case of the council chambers being in-disposable.
  15. All resolutions made on the issues from the different wards being represented, must be submitted to the council or the State representatives.
    The speaker then proceeded into the inauguration process proper with the member representing Odukpani State Constituency, CRSYP, Hon. Alex Effiong being called to give a speech and confirm that the nominations were strictly by consensus which he did accordingly.
    The inauguration progressed with the appointment of Hon. Nsa Charles Bassey as Leader and
    Hon. Arc. Henry Ita as Deputy Leader, who both took their oaths of office as demanded. Other appointments include; Hon. Victoria Bassey already serving as the Clerk, Hon. Kelvin Bassey and Hon. Obo Bassey Asuquo as Chief whip and deputy whip respectively, after which all nominees present proceeded to take their oath of office as moderated by the leader.
    The now inaugurated and appointed leader gave his speech, welcoming all present including his fellow inaugurated leaders and gave his words that he and his team will not fail the good people of Odukpani, the state and the nation at large and that in no time, good results will be visible.
    The Caucus leader of the south, Hon. Emmanuel Ekpenyong also gave his words of encouragement, charging all inaugurated leaders to work well and represent their different wards effectively. Also congratulating and encouraging the leaders, was the Caucus leader of the North, Hon. Pascal Ebeze who charged all leaders to always behave respectively at all times as they are now representatives of their people and as such, they will always be looked upon and that they should work together as a team in peace and unity.

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The Chairman, House committee on inter-parliamentary activities/Local Government affairs, Hon. Johnsmith Obeten also advised all leaders to go to the field and find out the challenges of their people and bring it to the notice of the state representatives and also sort for solutions to the challenges presented.

The session came to a close with the deputy leader Hon. Arc. Henry Ita moving the motion for adjournment, being seconded by the chief whip Hon. Kelvin Bassey, followed by the recession led by the principal officers followed by other leaders and then other persons present.

đź“ť; Clerk of the house,

Hon. Victoria Bassey.


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