Onun Hon Ralph Egwu Send His Best Easter Wishes to constituents

Onun Hon Ralph Egwu Send His best Easter Wishes to constituents

Happy Easter to the good people of Erei north and Biase state because It is Indeed a season of love and sacrifice”

The message of Easter is a message of love , it is the enormous love that has made God come to redeem us . On this day , people around the world celebrate Easter and the good people of Biase are not exempted, it is indeed a season of love and sacrifice , it is a season where we keep our hope high and alive .

This season of love and sacrifice can never be over emphasized , compassion , humility ,hope , faith were the virtues Christ possessed at this time and we are expected to emulate it till the very end .

It is important we reflect on how Christ has died out of love for us , and the need to give rooms for love and tolerance amongst each other , love is not selfish , love dosent hold grudges , love is kindness , it celebrates other peoples sucess .

While we merry , May we purposefully define this period, it is more than just preparing good foods and wines, A man has died for our sins and had also risen , the power of death has been defeated .

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In this time God turned the inevitability of death into the invincibility of life.” Same way a new breath is released to every part of our life that has been dead to be alive again .

May this Easter bring us together in unity and peace , amen

Minority Leader and Councilor representing Erei north in Biase 7TH legislative assembly

17TH APRIL 2022


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