Prince Michael Nku Abuo,JP;Why I Am Celebrating And We Should Celebrate Governor Ben Ayade At 54

Prince Michael Nku Abuo,JP;Why I Am Celebrating And We Should Celebrate Governor Ben Ayade At 54

I recently wrote a congratulatory message celebrating my boss’s( His Excellency Sen Prof Ben Ayade,the Digital Governor of Cross River State) birthday as he turns 54 today, 2nd March 2022 and in one of the paragraph I summarised in few lines the things he has done for us as a state and people thus: ‘We thank you for evolving a new sociopolitical class and rejigging our civil service and moves made to transition our economy via your industrial based activities across the state’.

“Tell yourself the truth all these things listed by you is it only working in your eyes only”.The above quote and the third paragraph of the said message brought about the said reaction from one of the members of the whatsapp group I shared thesame message on hence the purpose of my writing this piece.To those who don’t know the truth is that what I have said is the truth and is not visible to my eyes alone.Follow the details below and you can confirm these assertions yourself.

Three phrases stands out in the said quote of the first paragraph above as it relates to His Excellency’s achievement,I will outline and explain same:Evolving a new sociopolitical class; rejigging our state civil service and moves made to transition our economy via industrial based activities across the state.

Evolving A New Sociopolitical Class

His Excellency Sen Prof Ben Ayade emergence as Governor in Cross River State evolved a new sociopolitical trajectory in Cross River State via his political appointments. He has so far appointed over 1000 youths,men and women across the state into the political class of the state.He has made possible for the full inclusion of youths and women into our political class.This has never been since 1999 and he has broken the yoke of political slavery and godfatherism by defecting from the PDP to APC freeing our generation and the one to come from the bondage of the elitist configuration and boy boyism of the PDP in the state. This is one of the reason why so many political figures of the PDP have a grouse against the governor as he has liberated so many youths and women from their political bondage of follow follow without anything to show for it! This is self evident and can be confirmed. The least of these fold/appointee receives atleast 120,000 monthly. This move alone should ensure that majority of us as young people support and ensure for a transition that is blessed by Governor Ben Ayade.This so called food on the table have stabilized many and strengthened businesses of those enterprising enough to save and venture.In addition to this the construction and fabrication academy is training and has trained over a thousand persons.Their edifice is on the Highway after Zenith Bank in Calabar…What a man!!

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Rejigging Our State Civil Service

Do you know that over 3000 new civil servants have been employed into the state civil service since Governor Ben Ayade became Governor?Governor Ayade since the inception of democracy in 1999 has carried out the largest employment from engagements across ministries to the primary education board to magistrates etc, indeed the only governor to have lifted the ban on employment in the state is our own digital Governor!Don nor Liyel didn’t achieve this fit.Imagine the number of homes and families whose smiles is fulfilled from these engagements! When others were retrenching and some have refused to employ irrespective of our low funds as a state.How Ayade does this is indeed beyond comprehension!Ayade is indeed a magician!! This too can be confirmed!

Moves Made To Transition Our Economy Via Industrial Based Activities Across The State

Governor Ben Ayade has made conscious move to reconfigure the economic architecture of the state by moving us away from our civil service base to an industrially driven one. This transition has seen to the construction of industries for processing of natural agricultural produce in our respective localities across the state.A visit to the Ayade Industrial Layout in Calabar where you will see the Pharmaceutical Industry, Chicken Processing Factory and the Garment Factory etc all in the Southern Senatorial District as well as the Cocoa Processing Factory in Ikom in Central Cross River and the giant Rice Processing Plant in Ogoja/Yala. This is but a few of the structures created that will generate and is generating jobs in the hundreds. This is another win worth celebrating!

Others Not Mentioned

Aside the above though now a given the consistent payments of salaries and pensions is a win worth celebrating in Cross River State and the upgrade of CRUTECH to UNICROSS as well as the teacher’s institute built in Biase, the road construction and those other construction are all testimonies to the people driven initiatives of Sen Prof Ben Ayade inclusive of others too numerous to mention especially in the area of intervention and primary health care services in the state.

Now to the question asked that necessistated this write up and the questioner I hope with these few points of mine and evidential analysis I have been able to convince and not confuse you that Governor Ben Ayade’s doings isn’t only visible to my eyes alone. For these things he has done for my generation and the youths of our state I Prince Michael Nku Abuo,JP send out 54 hearty cheers in solidarity to our liberator and emancipator as he turns 54 today!I understand that it is in a leader’s position to serve his people as that is his duty. For the good done let us say thank you in appreciation for work done and that will be done while praying and supporting our leaders to do more!God bless and keep you Governor Ben Ayade Congratulations Boss! We love you! Our generation will not fail you!!

Prince (Dr)Michael Nku Abuo,JP
Director General Cross River State Political Network,CRISPON


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