Procedures to attend UNICAL GSS Class online and offline

Unical Hotspot Connection procedures will be share to all platforms for easy access To Students And Staff .


This is to welcome our students back from the long vacation as well as inform them that the center’s virtual GSS lectures
commences on the 24th of October by 9am.

This will be followed by live classes after the upcoming first semester /Mop-up examinations.
A link will be sent to all student platforms to enable them to join the virtual classes.

The Vice-Chancellor has also provided free Internet Unical hotspot in the following areas:

Malabor, Female hostel, Male hostel, Love garden, Scholarship Hostel, Library, GSS, Medical College, PG Hostel, Chemistry Auditorium, IPPA, Agric faculty, Environmental sciences, Biological Sciences, Old VC block. Other locations are being worked on.

Students are meant to access the university wireless Internet in these locations which are meant to ease the cost of Internet data per lecture.

NB: Attendance list is compulsory, either by physical presence or the virtual center via Google forms, it’s mandatory to sign the attendance form.

Wish you well in your academic activities and welcome back once more.

Prof Francisca Bassey
Director, Centre for General Studies


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