PVC Meaning and strength to aid your vote


2023 is fast approaching as Nigerians are set to pick up their PVC and vote wisely.

Barrack Obama rightly quoted that “There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter”

What PVC fully means; The word “PVC is Permanent Voters Card.” To vote and be voted for is our right. A good governance in the Nation is decided by the masses through the right vote. Cynthia Maduekwe point of view, “PVC simply means Please Vote Competency.”

How can a Citizen define Competency:

Competency plays a major role for the growth of the society. It’s not just about having beauty, brains & riches but the ability to do something well. A competent person have enough skills or knowledge. Nigeria needs competent citizens who can change unnecessary to necessary and irrelevant to relevant.

Factors to know about a value packaged person

  1. Consistency: This simply “Consist of equality and behaving in the same way at the same time also having positive opinions & standards at a continuous time.”
    A consistent person doesn’t stop until he/she reaches the top positively.
  2. Commitment: This is the act to commit a promise of doing something or behaving in a particular way. It’s the willingness to work hard/smart by giving in/out your energy, time, knowledge & money to a job or an activity. A committed citizen keeps to his/her promises proving words to taking sound actions.
  3. Confidence: It’s also to confide & the act of confiding which is the féeling that you can trust, behave and be sure about the abilities and good qualities of somebody/something. A confident citizen can be trusted through believing, retrieving, depriving, deriving, driving & achieving.
  4. Correlation: To correlate is been in a relationship with the bond of 2 or more people from different axis to pursue a certain goal. A correlated citizen shares connection, facts & ideas closely related to changes.
  5. Cooperation: To cooperate as “Co” means “Many” &;”Operate” means “Work” which means 2 or more people coming together to work and achieve a shared aim hand in/to hand(hands on desk). A coperated/coperateful person joins forces to translate vision into reality.
  6. Discipline: The method/practice of training the mind & body through controlling behavior through obeying rules & orders by punishing if they don’t. A Discipline citizen has a trained mindset and a controlled behavior to push bodies in a relevant way.
  7. Determination: To determine is the quality that makes a person continue trying to do something even when difficult. A determine person makes firm decision.
  8. Dedication: To dedicate; Spare out and spend your time , money& knowledge Wisely to solve a problem. A dedicated citizen is committed enough to break bias.
  9. Decision: A choice or judgement made after thinking and talking about it. To decide by choosing/selecting (picking) something/somebody clearly and quickly. A decided citizen doesn’t turn back to his words or actions.
  10. Education:A process of teaching, learning, training through improving in knowledge and skills. It’s the act to educate by showing & sharing thoughts, lessons, experience, joy and love passionately in what you have been taught so far. An educated citizen create awareness by discovering the path of success and developing the process through progress. An educated citizen knows the right no matter the wright.
  11. Empowerment: To empower; give power which is an authority…the work to do something and give control over a situation. An empowered citizen is employed to show way and give avenue.
  12. Enlightenment/Engagement: The act to engage & enlighten a person by giving him/her an information that’s well understood. Its enlightening and engaging to succeed in attracting and keeping somebody’s attention/intention.Also being involved and used to perform a task.An
    Enlightened & engaged person is jovial and accommodative to please and favor those around.
  13. Impact: The powerful effect that something has to do on somebody/something. An impactful citizen uses specific tools to chase a dream.
  14. Influence & Intellect: The ability to think in a logical b& advanced way and understand things starting from the mind. It’s an intelligent idea, design, property created by a person and the law prevent from copying. It deals with mental stability, motion and emotion balance. The effect(power) that somebody/something has on the way a person thinks or behaves or works/develop.Its all about been influential to attract positive from negative distractions. An intellectual Citizen/Influencer inspires & motivates people to stand up and take the risk for a better future. He/she has the capability, ability & capacity to lead passionately.
  15. Income: The money a person, a region & country ha earned from works, investment & business. A workaholic / bookaholic in nature, an investment guru, a business tycoon and he/she owns the right relationship currency which is a current that flows through network and connect by increasing their networth.

In conclusion, An adage from Zig Zigler reminded us that, “Don’t be distracted by criticism because the only taste of success, some have is when some people take a bite out of a person.” This are 15 steps to know a suitable candidate because it’s not about party but creating & developing a structure around which needs to be calculated, cultivated and inculcated because to know a leader…he/she has to be ready to serve not just manage but read through the minds of the followers.

Written by Cynthia Maduekwe (CyanahPEN).
SYNW-UCC Cordinator.
Chief Press Secretary to SUG UNICAL Vice President.
Confidential Secretary to VONS National President who’s NANS Nat. Vice President Aspirant.
APWEN UNICAL Publicity Secretary.


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