Seun Anointing’s Melodic Journey: Faith in Every Note


In the realm of gospel melodies, Seun Anointing emerges as a luminary figure, crafting a celestial symphony where his music becomes a conduit for divine messages, hope, and love.

Renowned in the world of gospel music, Seun’s journey finds its roots in the vibrant city of Lagos, where the sacred sounds within the local church choir became the foundation of his musical odyssey. For Seun, music transcends the ordinary—it’s a sacred vessel delivering transformative messages of faith, love, and redemption.

As a minister of music, Seun’s career becomes a living testament to an unwavering commitment to spreading the gospel through the transformative power of song. Born and raised in Lagos, he cultivated not only his vocal talents but also a profound connection to the spiritual realm.


Seun Anointing


As fans immerse themselves in the beauty of “If Not,” anticipation builds for Seun Anointing’s forthcoming EP, titled “BLESSED.” This collection of divine melodies promises a transformative journey, showcasing not only Seun’s artistic versatility but also his profound connection to the spiritual tapestry.

Seun notes that ‘BLESSED’ will be a musical tapestry woven with themes of gratitude, celebration, and unwavering faith. As enthusiasts eagerly await its release, there’s no doubt that this EP will stand as a testament to Seun Anointing’s dedication to crafting music that transcends entertainment, resonating with the soul’s elevation.

Seun Anointing's Melodic Journey: Faith in Every Note

In a recent crescendo of his artistic expression, Seun Anointing unveiled the soul-stirring single, “If Not,” a collaborative masterpiece featuring Dunni Olanrewaju (Opelope Anointing), his mother. This musical revelation weaves poignant lyrics with emotive melodies, creating an experience that resonates on a deep, spiritual level.

The collaboration with Olanrewaju adds a layer of richness, harmonizing their voices seamlessly in an ethereal expression of faith. “If Not” swiftly soared as a trending sensation, capturing the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide and solidifying Seun Anointing’s standing as a trailblazer in the gospel music panorama.





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