STANLEY BOYCE NSEMO declared HELP HAS COME for calabar municipal


I am no Messiah but a willing servant to my people. I, Stanley Boyce Nsemo represents the expedient and fundamental help that is needed to resuscitate the interest of our precious and chosen people of Calabar Municipal in the State House of Assembly.

Calabar Municipal has recently stumbled over a few hurdles while on track to become a progressive metropolis. However, there is always room to improve on the hitherto progress in the status quo. This trajectory to greatness can only be piloted by Stanley Boyce Nsemo, a seasoned diplomat who is willing to rise to the challenge, bringing with him pragmatic and substantial solutions that would effect balance in the representation of the people and provision of their democratic tangibles and intangibles.

To tackle most of today’s socio-political irregularities, one of which is the ravenous legal taxes and illegal charges demanded by unauthorized individuals. With our well plotted agendas the right measures would be reinstituted to save small and big businesses. The people can be rest assured that I Stanley Boyce Nsemo is personally willing to practically engage, negotiate and bring all parties to the table to to put the issue to bed. HELP HAS COME.

I, Stanley Boyce Nsemo will champion our cause to ensure free trade for small and medium businesses to make Calabar Municipal a paradise for budding entrepreneurs, investors and business women.

To begin with, the unquestionable prolificacy of our resources has been pervasive though toothless solutions have been offered on paper only but with Stanley who is renowned for his disciplined, pragmatism and efficient managerial skills, help has come. Stanley Boyce Nsemo will employ frugal measures in dealing with purposed resources for the benefits of the precious Calabar Municipal constituents.

HELP HAS COME is my banner’s inscription to guide my actions and inactions in the service of the precious and esteem people of Calabar Munucipal. Calabar Municipal will be on a meteoric rise when leadership is positively redefined and I have presented myself to be entrusted with the mantle of leadership in the forthcoming election in 2023 for purpose of quality and effective representation.

Our beloved people have oftentimes been plagued with political malady and diverse impurities but with Stanley Boyce Nsemo who is a phone call away, HELP HAS COME.

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