The man called Happiness, Ernest Onyuku

Kelvin of Abuja

The man called Happiness, Ernest Onyuku
Everyone has a plan for life, a destination, and ways of affecting people around them, especially when it comes to the strategy of staying positive irrespective of the diversity of life.
Happiness Ernest (Kelvin of Abuja) is not an exception to those good entrepreneurs we have as citizens of Nigeria. He has a lot to make him pompous or full of pride, but in low perception, Kelvin of Abuja has always been unique in all his activities.
The name Kelvin of Abuja comes from his influence around Abuja, the federal capital city of Nigeria. His daily happiness has always been creative and zealous in his works; therefore, he has a higher influence on the whole of Abuja.
From gallery-wise and a search on the internet, it shows he does business with top Nigerian celebrities and popular celebrities outside the country, all related to his business growth.
His business, known as Gabvin Logistics and Gabvin Records, is top-notch, and his services are not limited. This is due to his massive team and staff, who are up and doing everything from creativity to executing duties.
You need to know happiness, Ernest. Visit his Instagram account via @kelvin_of_abuja_2 and his business accounts as @gabvinlogistics and @gabvinrecordz.


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