Ubi Onen reacts to the Press Statement from CRS govt

Barr. Ubi Onen reacts to the Press Statement from the Government of Cross River State on the military invasion of Nko Community, Yakurr Local Government in Cross River State.

Is this statement coming from the Government I have been supporting? May God help us. It’s no longer two soldiers that were shot but six? Are they death or alive? Were they shot inside NKO community or in the boundary (the land in contention) between both communities? If it’s in the boundary, how did you come to the conclusion that it was a certain or particular community that is responsible? If your assertions and claims are true and correct, raping our girls, looting, maiming, killing, burning our houses etc for four good days isn’t enough for the government to ask this wicked People on Government uniform to leave our community? Why the stiffed punishment on just one community? Mboto is indeed advising H.E well on security matters. There’s serious conspiracy against us from the same Government we are supporting. Apart from the acquisition of the land, Ayade has done nothing in my thinking.

This crises has been in existence for decades, the Clan heads you’re sacking have put in all their best endeavours even more than the Government.

You’re stationing military men in a community that is deserted, refugees within nearby communities, hasn’t seen food nor clothings for four days? If the Governors mother was from NKO, he wouldn’t have issued this irresponsible press statement in my thinking. As I speak, aged Women are psychologically, emotionally, physically depressed, those who are sick are being burnt inside their houses even now, the Government sees this statement as the best remedy or approach? There was a Government.


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