It is with great joy and utmost gratitude to the Almighty God who spared our lives in 2023 and carried us on His eagle wings into 2024 that I welcome all of us, both Staff and Students into this new and beautiful year, 2024.

Like many Nigerians out there, we were not only excited to survive 2023, but we are overly optimistic that this new year will revive our hopes, rekindle our joy, stir up our collective faith in the success of this project called University of Calabar, (UNICAL).


Globally, unfolding events in the world in recent times have not given us much faith nor happiness. The removal of fuel subsidy and the move to merge foreign exchange rates, two headline reforms introduced by His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Administration since May 2023, triggered problems such as high fuel prices and the depreciation of the Naira, two monstrosities which combined to cause a general spike in costs of goods and services. It has impacted negatively on us as individuals, families and as a University. This is however for the future common good of our nation Nigeria.

As Management, we’ve never wavered, nor succumbed to the weird experiences that the institution and the Nigeria University system is going through.

While many institutions have had no option than to go without light for months, we have remained afloat, even increasing the number of hours we get light from the power holding company daily.

With prudent management of our resources, we were in addition able to provide the basic teaching, learning, infrastructure and equipment including hosting accreditations and resource verifications in 39 programmes respectively.

In anticipation of better financial resources this year, we hope to improve on the needed services for staff and students.

More so, we pledge to continue working round the clock to see that our students’ study in conducive and safe environments.

As we commence this great year, I assure all members of the University of Calabar Community that, Management will give its utmost best to serve the institution more effectively and also crave for all-round excellence. We will remain focused to our vision of providing quality graduates who can compete favorably with their counterparts across the world.

On the other hand, we expect our students to reciprocate our intended good gestures by taking their studies seriously, while demonstrating exceptional patriotism and commitment to the continuous elevation of the good name of the institution.

My dear students, while I again welcome you back on campus, let me use this opportunity to remind you that the no registration no examination policy of the University of Calabar still subsist. Endeavor to register your courses within the stipulated time to avoid paying for late registration. Early registration will also save you the time, energy and psychological trauma of running around people during examination. Registration details are on the University portal to guide all students.

Also, students are admonished to personally pay their fees to avoid falling into the hands of unscrupulous individuals.

The academic calendar is out, and the university intends to go by it strictly.

In view of the security challenges facing the nation which the University is not an exception, note that hostel accommodation for all categories of students is now tied to course registration, medical Centre registration and presentation of the University identification card to Students Affairs Division before room allocation. Students are enjoined and advised NOT to pay departmental and Faculty dues and other approved charges until their results have been uploaded completely and they can access them. Please, no student should pay departmental and Faculty dues if all results are not accessible by them.

Note also that all departmental and Faculty dues MUST be paid to the bank. There no cash payment and transaction policy are still enforced. Do not pay cash to anybody. Remember, the Vice Chancellor’s doors are still open and accessible. Report challenges and problems, if need be, directly to her.

Consequently, I plead with all my colleagues to upload all students results to facilitate their registrations.

Furthermore, it is my pleasure to inform you that some security measures have been put in place that will affects staff and students which include: wearing of identification cards and/or producing them on demand.

Finally, and once more, I welcome y’all to 2024, the year of our inimitable impact.

God bless the University of Calabar!

God bless Cross River State!!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!


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