Governor Ayade Sponsors a Cross Riverian from Calabar South to the US as Certified Pilot

Governor Ben Ayade produces a United States trained and fully certified Pilot, Nelson Effanga from the Phoenix East Aviation School.

Upon completion of his training and subsequent certification as a pilot, Mr. Nelson Effanga returned to show his air operations’ certificates to Governor Ben Ayade.


Nelson glowingly cleared all his certification exams, including the Federal Private Pilot License test with very outstanding Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

Presenting the certifications to Governor Ayade at an event recently, Nelson in an emotion laden voice went on his knees before a teeming crowd to thank the Governor for coming to his rescue while struggling with life at a construction site where the Governor first saw him 2 years ago.

The young pilot recounted how the governor spotted him at a construction site and facilitated his movement to the United States to actualize his dream of becoming a pilot.

“I come from a family where we had nothing, but today l have fulfilled my dream of becoming a pilot. God changed my life using His Excellency, Governor Ben Ayade who located me at a construction site”.

A physically excited Governor Ayade upon seeing Nelson’s aviation license credentials, proceeded to give the young pilot a warm embrace and instantly announced a 100% increment to Nelson’s earnings as pilot.

“I want to thank the pride of our state (Nelson). Today we have a brand new pilot in our midst. While in America he was keeping in touch with me. May we all please rise and give this young man a standing ovation.

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“His instructors in America told me he has excellent character, fantastic personality, no single negative report against him, no trouble of any kind, nothing illegal against him, no security report, served diligently and qualified before the specified time.

“His program was to finish in a year and six months, but he finished much earlier. That is how exceptional he is.

“I told his instructors, if there’s a higher training he needs to acquire, please let me know. I am very proud that you went to America and made our dear State proud.

“Asides him (Nelson) they are many more pilots l have sent to America. I don’t care where you come from. The last three are still from Cross River South. Just have the capacity and Ayade will identify you. You don’t give because you have enough, but because you care enough”, an elated Ayade said.

Nelson Effanga comes from Calabar South Local Government Area of Cross River State and is currently the youngest pilot in Nigeria.

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Enhancing capacity development is one of the humanistic virtues of Governor Ben Ayade. He has provided a shoulder for thousands of people to lean on to actualize their dreams. Greatness indeed!

Eugene Upah√√


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